Clerk Fired For Refusing To Sell Cigarettes For WELFARE DOLLARS

Posted on June 27, 2012


New Hampshire (The Gaslamp Post) – A 65-year-old woman lost her job because she took a stand when she saw an injustice and refused to just simply go along with it.  An employee of the BIG APPLE CONVENIENCE STORE in PETERBOROUGH, NEW HAMPSHIRE who had worked the counter for over three years was fired because she broke company policy by refusing to sell cigarettes to someone who intended to pay with a welfare card.

Ms. Jackie R. Whiton, 65, fired for not selling cigarettes to someone using welfare money to pay for them. Image Nancy Lane.

On May 29, 2012, Jackie R. Whiton was working the register at the Big Apple convenience store when a young man walked in and asked for a pack of cigarettes.  She pulled down the smokes and asked the young man, who is reported to have been 20, for his ID.

It is often times policy to card anyone who appears under 40.

The young man handed her an EBT (electronics benefits transfer) card instead.  An EBT card, much like welfare / food stamp cards of other states can be used to obtain food or cash benefits, or sometimes both.

When Ms. Whiton refused the sale, the two had “alittle go-around,” according to the Sentinel Source.  “I made the statement, ‘do you think myself, that lady and that gentlemen should pay for your cigarettes?’ and he responded ‘yes,’ ” said Whiton.

The kid became louder as customers began to pile up in the line behind her.

“Give me back my card,” barked the young man to Whiton.  “give me back my cigarettes,” replied Whiton.  He abruptly left after not getting his way.

The man who was in line behind him said to Whiton, “You said just exactly what I was thinking,” according to The Boston Herald.

“I’ve never seen the likes of it,” she was saying Monday night. “People who could work using welfare money to buy cigarettes and beer? And it happens all the time. A friend of mine was in another store last week and watched a woman buy three 18-packs of beer with an EBT card.”

Unfortunately for Ms. Whiton, her troubles with the young man did not stop there.  The following day a woman came to the store who claimed to be the young man’s “foster-mother” and decided to speak her peace on the matter.

She voiced her opinion on how her foster son was mistreated by Whiton.  Again, Whiton stood her ground and fired back.

“I told her, ‘Use the money you get from the state to buy his cigarettes.’ She said, ‘Absolutely not.’ ”

So now we have a “foster-mother,” as in paid by the state to take in a child (who is now 20 years old, mind you), complaining that her dinner check was refused more freebee’s that he shouldn’t have been entitled to.

Author’s query; do not states tax cigarettes and alcohol under the feel-good pretense of getting people off of them?  The added “sin” tax was advertised to be a deterrent to taking up those vices, was it not?  How is it then that the state can tax the vice of those who pay for said vices, under the pretense that said vices are bad for you on one hand, and then provide the same exact vice to someone who has been so victimized an unable to provide for themselves that they enable that helpless soul to get hooked on the same vice?

If the health risks were so great to warrant such government intervention, why is the state, 1) paying to provide the vice, and 2) paying for their healthcare costs due to inherent risks of taking up said vice?

Liberalism:  Reality need only be optional

Next question:  Why is a 20-year-old on welfare?

Whiton reportedly received a call from the company’s head office in Maine, which informed her of the complaint lodged against her.  She received a reprimand and informed of the legality of the transaction.

Apparently state benefits are only prohibited from being used in liquor stores, adult entertainment venues and for pet food.

Whiton reportedly returned to her workplace and gave notice that she had intended to quit.  “I said I would bow out gracefully and give my notice because I didn’t want to be a part of it. I’m 65 years old, you know?” Whiton said.

When another customer came in trying to purchase cigarettes using an EBT card, she told the customer exactly what was on her mind.  “He was very capable of working,” said Whiton. “So I told him to get a J-O-B.”

She was immediately terminated from her position.

Officially she was fired for not following company policy, as it is perfectly legal (under President Obama) to purchase alcohol, lottery tickets, and cigarettes using public benefits.

“They can’t even buy toilet paper with the EBT grocery cards but they can buy beer and cigarettes with the EBT cash cards,” said Whiton, according to the Sentinel Source. “Go figure.”

Author’s note:  Now you see why we’re almost $16 Trillion in debt.  This coming November is our last chance at taking America back.  If this continues, we’re done for.  You and I are paying for people who do not wish to do for themselves, but are just fine with us paying for their crap.

One has to think about the minds behind how all of this came to be.

The companies whom participate in this grift are no angels…  They are well aware of where the funds come from which earn their profits, and yet they turn a blind eye to it and just carry the water as long as they can keep the money rolling in.

When I hear about the occupiers and the vermin in the streets complaining about corporate welfare, and then see this, I want to be sick.

It’s happening on both side, you morons!  They’re all in on it!  The feel-good message was used to sell you into letting them do it.

Do we not see that the entire game was rigged from the start?  They used your own emotions to get you to follow blindly, and now look at what has gone on…  While you complained about Bush, or complained about the Republicans…

BOTH SIDES ARE DOING IT, and will continue to do so unless you start using your heads!

It happened right under your noses!  You were warned, you watched it happen…  yet you let it get to this point.

The guys who acted saintly in order to get you to sell them your soul were screwing you since the start, you just didn’t see it.

It’s been said that “amongst the best of saints are the worst of sinners.”

Now do you understand what that means?

In closing, I’d like to quote a very patriotic, fellow blogger.  She inspired this rant with a statement of hers, and I believe I owe her the final “hat tip.”

“Awaken America from your dream state. If you are not angry, then you are not paying attention!”  PUMAbydesign001

(h/t:  Sentinel Source, Boston Herald, Drudge Report)