Suspected Armed Robber Shot Twice By Clerk Is Also On Trial For Another Robbery Earlier That Day

Posted on June 27, 2012


Criminals have a harder time when their victims are armed.

Louisiana (The Gaslamp Post) – A jury is deliberating the case of a man on trial for armed robbery last September, in which the suspect was shot during another alleged robbery three hours later.  Police say that Melvin Phillips, 34, walked into two separate convenience stores about three hours apart, on September 3, 2011, intending to rob both places.  In the second store however, he left with not only cash, but two bullets in his chest.

Melvin Phillips, 34, on trial for allegedly robbing two convenience stores in one day. He was reportedly shot twice by the clerk of the second store. Image

Phillips is said to have made off with $115 from the first robbery, and narrowly escaped the second with a whopping $185, before making his getaway in the middle of a tropical storm.  He crashed a short distance away hitting a utility pole.

According to the Times-Picayune, Phillips told a Jefferson Parish detective that all he did was enter the convenience store and ask for a pack of cigarettes, and the clerk behind the counter shot him for some unknown reason.  The clerk on the other hand, had a different account of what led to him shooting Phillips.

The clerk reported that Phillips entered the store and displayed a handgun in his waistband before threatening to use it if he did not give him the money from the register.  Acting out of fear for his life, the clerk reportedly placed the money on the counter next to where Phillips is said to have set his cell phone down, and then drew a small-caliber, semi-automatic handgun from his pocket.

He accurately put two bullets into Phillips’ upper chest before he grabbed the money and fled the store.  The clerk gave chase to Phillips and then fired into his driver’s side door, believing that Phillips was going to use his car as a weapon.

Police recovered Phillips belongings including his cell phone and wallet from the counter of the second store, exactly where he had left it prior to fleeing.  A BB handgun was also discovered in the car Phillips is reported to have been driving.  His car crashed three blocks away from the store.

The attorney for the defendant, Eusi Phillips urged the jury to pay close attention to the testimony given, according to the Times-Picayune, and said that witnesses to the first robbery could not say with certainty that Phillips was the one who robbed the store.

(h/t:  Times-Picayune)