Bet You Didn’t Hear About THIS On The News: Pro-Life Advocate’s Home Attacked After Angry Leftists Posted His Home Address Online!

Posted on July 4, 2012


Colorado (Drew Zahn – World Net Daily) – Within two days of being profiled on Newsweek’s website The Daily Beast, a “personhood” advocate was startled by a rock thrown though his front door and vandals painting vulgarities on his family’s home.

Jennifer and Keith Mason. Image WND.

Keith and Jennifer Mason of Denver, Colo., lead PersonhoodUSA, a Christian ministry seeking to establish human rights under the law for all children from the beginning of their biological development, a controversial stance that would effectively ban all abortions.

But after a profile of the Masons and their work around the country appeared on The Daily Beast last week, the comments section below the article became so “vicious and personal,” the website confirms, the section had to be shut down.

Reportedly, someone even posted the Mason’s home address.

Two nights later, the Masons report, a large rock was heaved through the double-paned glass of their front door, scattering glass throughout their living room and across the front porch, covering their children’s toys and items for the couple’s expected new baby. The vandals also spray painted coat hangers and vulgarity in large letters on the front and sides of their house.

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