Medicare Scammer Gets Prison Time For Ripping You Off. Partied With $200K From The Tax-Payer While Elderly Left Without Diapers!

Posted on July 8, 2012


Nevada (Jaclyn O’Malley-Reno News Journal) – While a 76-year-old Reno medical equipment supplier was enjoying weekends at her Buck’s Lake Calif. cabin riding around in her powerboat and traveling to Hawaii to relax in her tropical timeshare property, she was scamming Medicaid of more than $200,000.

Marcia Giller, 76. Image

Senior Deputy Attorney General Matt Jensen said Tuesday that Marcia Giller’s fraud affected at least 21 of her clients, including a local woman who was unable to receive adult diapers because Giller already fraudulently billed Medicaid for them. That woman had to instead wrap herself in a towel and was unable to leave her home, he said.

Incensed that Giller was living the high life while the elderly and sick were suffered from her thievery of government funding, Washoe District Court Judge Steven Kosach sentenced Giller to up to eight years in prison. His punishment included two consecutive terms, each carrying a minimum of 18 months.

“I swear to God lady you bought a house at Buck’s Lake and bought a house in Hawaii … it was a schematic systematic fraud over a three-year period,” Kosach said. “I will say this, that God only knows if this is the tip of the iceberg.”

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