Single Mother of 2 Shot In The Street And Killed For Telling Thugs To Slow Down. One Suspect Is In Custody.

Posted on July 11, 2012


Alabama (The Gaslamp Post) – Police arrested the suspected shooter in a murder which occurred early Saturday evening in a Mobile area neighborhood.  According to witnesses, the victim had yelled at a speeding car telling them to slow down, after it had almost hit her dogs.

Wendy Fisher, 40, mother of two, shot and killed in front of her daughter and boyfriend near her home on July 7, 2012.

A car described as gray or green in color, containing 4 or 5 black men stopped.  One man stepped out and fired several shots Wendy Fisher, 40, in front of her home as her daughter and boyfriend watched.

Fisher was reportedly hit once in the chest and was rushed to the hospital where she died, according to Mobile Police Chief Michael T. Williams.

Police had no immediate suspects and had made no arrests until this morning.

Trayon Omar Washington, 17, arrested this morning and charged with the murder of Wendy Fisher on July 7, 2012. Image Ellen Mitchell, Press-Register.

An early hour under cover drug operation resulted in the arrest of Trayon Omar Washington, 17, of Mobile.  After several hours of questioning, police charged him with Fisher’s murder.

Authorities have declined to comment on how it was that Washington was named as the primary suspect.  That information will be made available at Washington’s preliminary hearing, according to Chief Williams.

Fisher’s boyfriend, Rob Russo told police that he could “instantly identify” the suspect in a line up upon learning of the arrest.  He said that the arrest, “lifted a huge burden off me,” according to the Press-Register.

He spoke of plans that he and Fisher had of buying a boat and touring several islands.  Now, he said that “everyone is trying to pick up the pieces.”

Fisher leaves behind two children.  She became a single mother after her children’s father died a few years ago.

Court records show that Washington was already due in court this morning to face charges against him involving burglary, receiving stolen property and possession of and receiving a controlled substance.  He was originally charged as a juvenile but was later indicted as an adult.

Public recorder also show he has priors for burglary, receiving stolen property, and possession of cocaine.

Washington’s bail hearing is scheduled for this Friday morning.