America, The Media Pulled Another Fast One… There Was A Reason The Media Blew This Story Up Into Something It Wasn’t!

Posted on July 14, 2012


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – It came out in the news this week that the uniforms designed and produced for our nation’s 2012 Olympic Team by the famous Ralph Lauren, came from China.  Drawing much outrage from the general public as well as capital hill, this news couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Or so it would seem.

This is not the first time that the famed outfitter has provided this kind of attire made elsewhere, and it hasn’t drawn the fire before in the same way as it has this time around.  In the nation’s capital, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle came out to publicly condemn the fact that the clothing worn by American athletes, was not produced by Americans.

Olympic uniforms created by Ralph Lauren for American athletes, MADE IN CHINA

Millions of Americans out of work, underemployed, and on food stamps.  Home foreclosures are once again on the rise and there is no certainty that our economy is improving under this administration.

One senator, Harry Reid (D-NV) declared that the uniforms should be collected, piled up, and “burned.”

That’s some great political theater if I’ve ever seen it, they must have had their writers working overtime on that one.  My sentiments are pretty much the same as those of the elected officials who had publicly condemned the foreign-made clothing, but unlike them, I’m not up for reelection in November.

What am I talking about?

Sherman, set the way-back machine for this time last year…

Does anyone remember the president’s bus tour of the mid west United States last year, where he wanted to talk about all the jobs he was creating?  I wonder if anyone remembers the$2.2M dumped into two, top of the line, rock-star rated, coach buses that WE paid for.

2 big black buses, dubbed “Greyhound One” and “Greyhound Two,” reported to have been decked out with bullet proof doors, flat screen tv’s, and comfy couches, but no sleeping accommodations.  If memory serves correctly, the president traveled via Air Force One, and didn’t actually board the bus until it was just outside of the towns where he had made his appearances.

Funny thing about those buses, they weren’t made in the United States by American workers either.  Nope, not a single nut, bolt, or screw.  They were reportedly sold to the United States government by Hemphill Brothers Coach, located in Tennessee, but truth be told, they were manufactured by our neighbors to the north; Canada.

Funny, I don’t recall Sen. Reid making much noise about those two buses, let alone wanting them burned.  That’s alright, the media gave the good president a pass then too.  Aside from the republican camp and a handful of bloggers talking about it, there wasn’t so much as a peep out of the mainstream media.

This makes me wonder why all of a sudden Ralph Lauren has a torch and pitchfork laden mob at his door.  I don’t think he spent $2.2M on the uniforms, and the money didn’t come from the U.S. Taxpayer.

Didn’t know that?  NO!  The United States government does NOT pay a dime towards the Olympics or the American Olympic Team, that cost is burdened by a privately funded entity called the United States Olympic Committee.

So now I ask you, although these athletes DO represent the U.S. and the Olympic medals we win give us bragging rights, why is it all of a sudden that we’re making a big deal about their clothes, made of thread and fabric, being made abroad?

It didn’t cost you or I a dime, right?  If Ralph Lauren wanted to farm out the project, and it was in his own best financial interest, then so be it, that’s his prerogative.  You have the same option of no longer buying his products as well, do you not?

What confounds me is that there are people in this great nation of ours who believe that our sitting president, who had the gall to waste our hard-earned tax dollars on some super expensive bling to roll around in, talk to hundreds of out-of-work mid-western Americans about what a great job he’s doing, should have another term!

Why, so we can pay him to  go on vacation another 16 times?

If what our president did around this same time last year didn’t so much as raise a hair on your behind, yet you’re seriously outraged by Ralph Lauren, folks you need your head examined!

This is political theater folks, nothing more.  This is an election year and they all know that the American voter has had it with their crap.  They’re all doing the “Capital-Hill-Two-Step-Schuffle” in order to make you think they give a crap.  They ALL know that We The People have been paying attention and are about to do what we did in 2010.