Rape My Wife, Please: Hubby Allegedly Tried To Arrange Someone To Rape Wife

Posted on July 17, 2012


Idaho (The Gaslamp Post) – Authorities say a Twin Falls man created an ad on Craigslist in order to arrange for his wife to be raped.  According to police, the 32-year-old man had posed as his wife, advertising a need to fulfill a “rape fantasy” without her knowledge.

Prosecutors say that the man, who is not being identified so as to protect the identity of his wife, had communicated with several men via email, saying he was his wife in order to set the situations up.

Police were called to the woman’s home last Thursday and again Saturday after she reported that two different men broke into her home.  According to an AP news release, the woman said that her doorbell rang around midnight last Thursday and a  man said to her, “I’m here for you,” prior to forcing his way inside.

The woman told police that the man chased her to her bedroom where she obtained her 9mm handgun.  She said the man grabbed the gun at which time she pulled the trigger and the man immediately fled.  No one was reportedly injured.

On Saturday, the woman again called police to report a similar incident and she again fired on her attacker.  This time she held the man at gunpoint until the police arrived.

The man reportedly told police that he was responding to a Craigslist ad.  “The person posting the ad told him she wanted to be forcibly raped as that was a fantasy of hers,” said the man according to police.

The police report said several emails were exchanged between the man and the person who posted the ad. The man was then given the address.

“He was told to force his way inside and rape the woman there and not stop no matter how much she resisted,” the report said.

The email exchange between the men and an email account belonging to the woman’s husband was discovered by police.  Investigators say the husband admitted to police that he used his email account to set up the attacks on his wife.

The man is currently held on $100,000 bond.  He was arraigned on Monday and charged with burglary and solicitation of rape.  He is due back in court July 27, 2012.

(h/t:  Newsok)