Senior Citizen Would-Be Robbery Victim Shoots Back, Wounds Two, Saves 30.

Posted on July 18, 2012


Florida (The Gaslamp Post) – A 71-year-old man is being hailed as a hero this week after he shot two armed robbers at an internet cafe last Friday.  Two young men were found by police at a local hospital.

Duwayne Henderson and Davis Hawkins, both 19, have been charged with armed robbery with a firearm and felony criminal mischief.

Wounded suspects of July 13, 2012 attempted armed robbery; Duwayne Henderson, 19, (left) and Davis Dawkins, 19, (right). Image

Mr. Samuel Williams, 71, was with his wife at an internet cafe this past Friday evening when he says 2 men burst into the establishment brandishing weapons and demanding people’s money and other valuables.  According to witnesses, two masked men; one brandishing  a handgun and another with a baseball bat entered from the parking lot and made their demands as they ordered everyone to the floor.

The man holding the bat reportedly smashed a computer monitor valued at $1200.00.

It was at this point that Mr. Williams, a concealed-carry weapons permit holder, drew his .380 semi-automatic handgun, and opened fire on the two assailants.  He successfully hit both of the internet cafe’s assailants, saving the lives of at least 30 customers, which caused the suspects to flee.

Both suspects ran from the establishment to their car which was parked nearby, and went to the home of a friend.  Police were called by the residents when the suspects said that they were shot at a local baseball field.

Police reportedly went to the ball field but found no evidence of a shooting.

Both suspects were hospitalized and then turned over to police upon release.  While one suspect is remorseful, the other has made no indication or acknowledged any wrong doing.

According to, Henderson acknowledged that he knew what he did was wrong and is remorseful for what he had done.

“I feel horrible. It doesn’t feel good. It makes you think about life’s decisions, and how you should live your life,” Henderson said in an interview with the Star-Banner at the jail on Saturday afternoon.

Hours after his release from the hospital, Henderson, who talked about the pain he feels in his buttock and hip, said the plan was to “barge in, get the money and leave.” He said “he never expected anyone to be armed.”

He did make an unusual statement regarding the weapon he was holding, indicating that was both unloaded and non-functioning.

“The gun was broken and rusty and wasn’t loaded. Nobody was going to get hurt,” he said, standing with crutches.

Henderson, who fell after his leg reportedly gave out, also went on to say that after falling on his way out of the establishment, Williams’ additional shots were unnecessary.

“I was down, and I’m not going to continue to shoot you,” he said.

Williams is not expected to be charged in the shooting.

(h/t:  The Blaze)