Need A Pregnancy Test? Go To The Bar!

Posted on July 19, 2012


Minnesota (Paul Walsh-The Star Tribune) – Pregnancy test kits could soon be available in the women’s restrooms of Minnesota bars and restaurants so that expectant mothers can avoid prenatal exposure to alcohol.

A Brainerd-based nonprofit announced the plan Thursday, the same day that federal health authorities released a survey showing that one in 13 pregnant women reported consuming alcohol.

The first pregnancy-test dispenser will be installed at the Pub 500 in Mankato, according to Healthy Brains for Children, which is devoted to preventing fetal alcohol syndrome. The test kit would cost $3.

The nonprofit seeks to make pregnancy tests available “worldwide in locations where women can test before drinking alcohol rather than waiting until a month or two into the pregnancy,” according to executive director and founder Jody Crowe. He said he hopes eventually to install dispensers in women’s restrooms at bars, gas stations, shopping malls, fitness centers and other locations “to target those at high risk for unexpect[ed] pregnancies.”

Crowe said he hopes the dispensers allow women “to take a pregnancy test in the privacy of the restroom without having to purchase a pregnancy test over the counter. In a small community, purchasing a pregnancy test can be an embarrassing event and expose the woman to the gossip of the town.”

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