President Obama To Create “African-American Education Office”: You Can’t Get There On Your Own!

Posted on July 27, 2012


Washington D.C. (The Gaslamp Post) – In yet another attempt to muster support and secure votes in the up coming 2012 election, the president has announced that he is going to create a special office dedicated to bolstering the educational opportunities of blacks in America.  The plan is to tap federal resources and use them in conjunction with communities in order to make black students ready for high school, college, and an eventual career, according to the White House.

Apparently the president feels that African-Americans can’t get there on their own.  Either that or he trying desperately to make his statement, “you didn’t build that on your own,” true.

President Obama announced his intention to create the African-American Education Office this past Wednesday, when he addressed the National Urban League.  Any other president creating such an office for their own race would have definitely drawn fire.  Amazing the double standard, isn’t it?

The executive order was reported by White House aides to have been signed into law Thursday.

(h/t:  AP News)