Man Busted For Growing Dope After He Called Police To His Home. Oh Yeah, He Shot Himself First…

Posted on July 28, 2012


Florida (Patricio G. Balona-Daytona Beach News Journal) – A man who accidentally shot himself in the hand asked police to come to his house to make his handguns safe, but police found more than just two pistols, according to reports.

Port Orange police discovered a marijuana growing operation on the second floor of the Isabella Avenue home where Kimberly Pardus, 31, and her husband John Pardus, 30, lived, documents show.

According to Port Orange police, they got involved when personnel from Halifax Health Medical Center of Port Orange called them Friday at 9:40 p.m. to report John Pardus had come in to have a gunshot wound to his left hand treated.

John Pardus told police he accidentally shot himself while handling a .22-caliber handgun he was unfamiliar with and did not know how to make it safe, reports state.

After John Pardus was treated, officers followed him and his wife to the Isabella Avenue home where Kimberly Pardus gave Port Orange police consent “to go in the house where it (the shooting) took place to unload the guns and conduct an investigation,” a report shows.

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