Should We Abolish The ATF (BATFE)?

Posted on August 2, 2012


The following is a commentary piece by TheBlaze’s national security expert Buck Sexton.

The United States (Buck Sexton-The Blaze) – Congressional investigators released a report today highlighting the culpability of five Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) officials in the Operation Fast and Furious debacle.

The report offered few new revelations and seemed pretty much useless — much like the ATF itself.

About the only value of the 211-page document released today is that it clearly spells out the reasons why the ATF’s days should be numbered, revealing a level of gross incompetence, neglect of oversight, and bureaucratic ineptitude that should outrage us all. The two planned follow-on Congressional reports will deal more directly with the Department of Justice’s role and the allegations of a cover-up that continue to plague Attorney General Eric Holder.

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This first report’s conclusion about the ATF officials involved is straightforward: ATF devised an operation to track guns that they never had any means of actually tracking, nobody in the chain of command stopped this from happening, and nobody has been held accountable in any meaningful way since the scandal erupted.

The operation itself led to horrific outcomes including a murdered U.S. Border Patrol Agent, hundreds of dead Mexican civilians, and thousands of guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartel assassins. This has been well-documented on the Blaze, and we will continue to cover the issue closely.

But in looking at the ATF’s role in this specific operation and its obvious failings as shown in the Congressional report, a broader question arises.

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