Hey Illinois, Are You Guys Paying Attention? Your Governor Wants To Ban Your Guns!

Posted on August 7, 2012


Illinois (The Gaslamp Post) – Get ready Illinois, the governor is coming for your guns…  Well just the effective ones.

Governor Pat Quinn(D) of Illinois has determined that any gun that can fire multiple rounds semi-automatically at another human being has no place on the streets of his fine state.  It is for this reason that he has urged legislators in a letter to put through his proposal to ban anything that he considers an assault weapon.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

“There is no place in the state of Illinois for weapons designed to rapidly fire at human targets at close range,” said Governor Quinn to the state legislature late last month.  His belief as stated in the Chicago Tribune was that the “proliferation of military-style assault weapons undermines public safety.”

Governor Quinn’s statement comes on the heels of the massacre in Colorado last month in which a reported single shooter shot 71 people, killing 12.  This official story as it was reported by the mainstream media is itself full of holes.

Not to be outdone, a similar style massacre occurred just days ago in Wisconsin, where a single, lone-wolf assailant struck a place of worship and killed 6.  This story too as is was reported by the mainstream media, has been determined to be flawed by anyone who has actually seen eyewitness accounts of the shooting.

The coordination of these events with the UN Small Arms Treaty and sudden push for gun control is uncanny, is it not?  To many, this is like the bad television sit-coms of the 1980’s.

The good governor is obviously pointing to his opinion that guns, not criminals, are responsible for gun crimes.  As it came out in Drudge late last month; Chicago, Illinois, has surpassed the murder rates of every other city on the face of the planet and has earned the title as the Murder Capital of the World.

That’s right folks!  The crown jewel of the state and the city which gave us our astute and brilliant president, the birthplace of Al Capone’s murderously bloody empire, and whose name is synonymous with corruption has taken it’s place amongst the plagues.

Interestingly enough there two little factoids one should know about the fine city of Chicago; 1) until recently a citizen could not own a handgun and 2) the average Chicago cop is over 250 pounds.  Trust me, I used to live there.

Oh wait, one more…  Chicago is ruled by President Obama’s former lackey with a napoleon complex, Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Another interesting factoid about the state of Illinois is that they are the ONLY state in the union which makes concealed carrying of a firearm for personal defense a crime.  It never ceases to amaze me that when gun crimes go up, the first knee-jerk reaction is to ban guns when the obvious problem is the criminals.

Would not the obvious solution to the problem be to eliminate the criminal element?  Question #2 would be, since the police are designed to be reactive versus proactive, would it not make MORE sense to arm anyone who could potentially be victimized?

Criminals prefer unarmed victims after all (it makes their job easier).

Uncle Gaslamp has a solution that would clean up the streets in one week.

  1. Realize that the 2nd Amendment is a right for all legal, natural born American, non-felon citizens to carry a firearm, concealed or otherwise.  Non-felon immigrants who served in the U.S. military are also covered by this.
  2. Rather than teaching kids in high school about gay sex and how to put a condom on a cucumber, teach fire-arms safety and safe handling of a fire arm.
  3. Give a Presidential Medal of Freedom to any citizen who kills a felon using a firearm in the course of committing a crime.
  4. Enroll every returning vet in neighborhood watch commander courses, so that they can use their leadership skills to help organize their neighborhoods and communities.  Feature them on nightly news broadcasts when they take down drug dealers and catch bad guys.
  5. Make the day George Zimmerman is acquitted a national holiday.

Gun ban?  It seems to me that if there is one on the streets who wishes to do me or my family harm that possesses such a weapon, I should not have to ask for permission to posses that same weapon; be that adversary a criminal thug or criminal representative of tyranny.

Have I told you yet America how glad I am that I left Illinois?

(h/t:  Chicago Tribune)