Video: Did Rod Serling Predict What Will Happen When They Shut Down America?

Posted on August 7, 2012


Credit to Gaslamp Post reader Ted, for this story.

This episode of the new Twilight Zone is an eerie look at what happens when people in a desperate situation panic and turn on each other.  Funny when our creature comforts disappear, what we devolve into.

“While it is fear that will keep us vigilant, it is fear that will rip us apart,”  Rod Serling.

The following video is a remake of the 1960’s episode of the Twilight Zone entitled, “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street.”

As foretelling as it is eerily correct, the creator of the series now deceased, Rod Serling saw this happening from decades away.  The man was a genius.

It should be noted that should a similar situation occur, where we lose power and communications, resorting to what these people did (even though it is in our nature) should be avoided at all costs.

Remember Uncle Gaslamp’s first rule:  logic over emotion.

With as much as people talk about an attack upon our freedom and liberty on our own soil, how prepared are they for when it actually happens?

Furthermore, what will you do when suddenly you have no power, internet, transportation, access to food, communication. and everyone around you becomes desperate?

Just something to consider.


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