Man Choked Girlfriend For Not Marrying Mexican Willing To Pay Them $5000 To Become Citizen

Posted on August 11, 2012


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – Police say a Sheboygan man beat and choked his girlfriend after she refused to marry a Mexican national for $5000.  The Mexican national is reportedly a friend of the man who is seeking U.S. citizenship.

Arrested: Jerry A. Hilbelink allegedly assaulted his girlfriend for not agreeing to marry his Mexican friend so he could become a citizen.

Jerry A. Hilbelink, 30, is alleged to have slapped his live in girlfriend after she refused to marry his non-citizen friend last Saturday.  According to the Sheboygan Press, he had jumped on her, landing on her, and then turned up the stereo in order to drown out her screams.  He was then reported to have choked her as she lie on the floor.

He is reported to have initially denied any sort of conflict but later told police that an argument did in face ensue after his girlfriend had called him at work, accusing him of having an affair.  Officers noted bruises on the woman, Hilbelink was intoxicated, and arrested Him.

Hilbelink is charged with felony strangulation suffocation which could net him up to three years in prison.  A child abuse charge stemming from another felony conviction in 2008 could extend that sentence another four years.

(h/t:  Sheboygan Press)

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