Can You Say “Wrong House?” Mother Shoots Intruder

Posted on August 19, 2012


Alabama (The Gaslamp Post) – “One of them said we would be writing up a different report if she had not had that gun,” said the victim of a home invasion referring to what a police officer had said after arriving at her home.  The victim was Martha Lewis who said she heard someone kicking in her door last Tuesday at around 3:00 am.

She said that she had then called police and woke her daughters, instructing them to arm themselves.

Martha Lewis (pictured above) shot an intruder who tried to attack her and her two daughters.

Lewis reportedly retrieved her handgun, while her daughters armed themselves with an ax and a butcher knife.  She approached the stairs and saw a man standing at the bottom looking up at her.

The girl’s mother reportedly warned the intruder several times before finally pulling the trigger, according to WVTM-TV.  He reportedly ignored Lewis’ warnings and instead began climbing the stairs, approaching her and her daughters.

“I knew when he stepped on the landing that I would have to shoot him,” said Lewis in an interview with the television station. “He starts like coming up the stairs and he said, ‘would you shoot me?‘ And I said ’I don’t want to have to but I will.’”

That is when she said she fired on her attacker.  The intruder now identified as Michael Jacobs, 25, was hit and tried to flee the home only to collapse in the front yard.  “It wasn’t like, oh can I pull the trigger? It was like when should I shoot? When will he be close enough that I know I won’t miss him? That’s one of the things that was going through my mind,” said Lewis, according to the Blaze.

Lewis is not expected to be charged.

Jacobs remains hospitalized under heavy sedation because once revived, is reported to become combative.  He is charged with burglary, criminal mischief, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.