BOMBSHELL: Load First-Generation And Low Income Students Up With College Debt? State Employees Forced To Attend “Paid” Political Event, Used As Props For Pelosi And Rev. Jackson!

Posted on August 21, 2012


Illinois (The Gaslamp Post) – Guess what else your tax-dollars were spent on?  A recently published article in the Daily Caller exposed an event which occurred earlier this year in which state employees were forced to attend a “job coaching” event hosted by House Minority Leader Nanci Pelosi, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and his son who is seeking another term, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.(D) for the Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District .

The problem?  As it turns out, it wasn’t a job coaching event at all, but a political event aimed at getting Rep. Jackson reelected, and all paid for by the American tax-payer; a move which is far from legal.

Gee, I wonder if THAT’S why Jesse Jackson Jr. suddenly went into hiding and is now saying he’s sick with depression.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.(D) – screwed…

A whistle-blower who attended the event in early March came forward and described her experience in a sworn affidavit.  In her statement, a former state employee with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, or ISACorp, said that she was forced to attend what she and her coworkers were led to believe was a training pertaining their jobs.

What she found was that she along with her coworkers were used as political props and treated to an immoral and unethical political agenda.

The whistle-blower, now identified as Marcy Bailey stated that she felt coerced into having to attend the event at the Rainbow PUSH headquarters in Chicago.  She said that her supervisors stated that attendance was mandatory and that she was to record her mileage along with her time spent at the event.  Bailey said that she was told that all of her expenses, including meals and hotel lodging would be reimbursed.

Birds of a feather; Rev. Jesse Jackson (left) and President Barack Obama (right)

She said that upon arriving to event, she along with 76 of her coworkers were herded upstairs and instructed to congregate in a rear hallway.  During that time, Rev. Jesse Jackson was speaking to a group of individuals, some of whom he addressed as “senator” and “judge.”

It became clear as cameras were flashing, that she and her coworkers were being used as props to make the event look much larger that it actually was.

She and her coworkers were told to arrive at Rainbow PUSH headquarters, according to her affidavit, by 9:30 a.m. that day even though the Pelosi event didn’t start until 10:00 a.m.

“When I arrived at the meeting location, our ISAC directors instructed us to go to the second floor and congregate in a side hallway outside of where Jesse Jackson Sr. was speaking to a group of individuals, including candidates and other political figures that were being addressed as ‘judge’ and ‘senator,’” Bailey wrote. “With cameras flashing, Jesse Jackson Sr., candidates and politicians left the conference room, and we were staged to look like we were political supporters. In other words, we were used as props during a campaign season.”

During the forum, U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reportedly stood up and announced her endorsement of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. for another term in the Illinois State Congress.

“No one from our state agency left the room or objected to our participation at a blatantly partisan political event, including my supervisor. I was fearful that any objection or other false move on my part would place my job in jeopardy. We were being videotaped and any disagreement would have left a record. I felt considerably isolated and intimidated by this. I felt sick to my stomach.”

It was soon after that, that Bailey and her coworkers were shoved into another room to receive a speech given by Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.  During the speech it was revealed that her agency had a new mission so to speak.

She (Bailey) said that she and her coworkers were told by Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. not to worry about loading up low income students and first generation American college students with “too much debt,” because he had it on good faith that congressional democrats were going to “forgive” the student loan debt.

After the Rainbow PUSH forum, however, Bailey and her coworkers were moved into a back room for a private meeting with Jackson Sr. and Rainbow PUSH organizer Rev. Janet Wilson, where Bailey said they received “job coaching.”

“Jesse Jackson Sr. said to work hard to help as many students as possible acquire student loans. Jackson Sr. encouraged us to network students, hold rallies and organize for ‘student loan forgiveness legislation,’” she wrote in her affidavit.

“Jesse Jackson Sr. also told us not to worry about loading students up with too much college debt, because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will eventually forgive all student loan debt. On the promise of debt forgiveness, ‘those people will continue to vote Democratic.’”

Bailey added that Jackson Sr. “asked how many ISACorps workers would be able to come to future events because our massive support looked great both in-person and on television.”

By this, said Jackson Sr. according to bailey, that they would secure another loyal democrat voting block.

When confronted about the event, IASC spokesman John Samuels reportedly denied that the event had to do with anything political, and told the caller from TheDC, “you’re full of shit.”

Samuels also objected to TheDC referring to House Minority Leader Pelosi as “House minority leader,” saying, “It really pains you to call her ‘Speaker Pelosi’ doesn’t it?

“Rep. Jackson apparently had a second event where Speaker Pelosi endorsed him,” Samuels added, ”Because I wasn’t present and no one from ISAC was present, nor were we asked to nor would we attend because it is a partisan event. That was covered by dozens of Chicago reporters, any one of whom would say ISAC was not there.”