Yawn… Oh Look, Another FAKED Hate Crime, Another Would-Be Victim Arrested.

Posted on August 25, 2012


Nebraska (The Gaslamp Post) -When the news of an alleged hate crime upon an openly gay woman in Nebraska hit late last month, it touched off a fire storm in the media.  Facebook blew up with posts from across the country, as public outpouring of support for the victim, as well as condemnation for her alleged attackers.

There were even local, candlelight vigils held, as people called for justice, tolerance, and an end to violence against gays.  At one particular vigil in Omaha, the alleged “victim” raked in a reported $1800, according to CNN.

Arrested: Charlie Rogers, 33, charged with lying to police about being the victim of a hate crime.

In an even more interesting development, Lincoln police reportedly arrested the victim of said hate crime this past Tuesday, and charged her with lying to police.

The alleged victim, Charlie Rogers, 33, told police last July that 3 masked men entered her home, stripped her naked, carved some sort of homophobic slur into her body, and then left after trying to set her and her place on fire.  Because it was considered a “hate crime,” federal law enforcement had gotten involved and that is where Rogers’ story reportedly unraveled.

Investigators said that, “the physical evidence conflicted with Charlie Rogers’ version of events” and that “extensive investigation revealed numerous inconsistencies.”  In addition, DNA evidence gathered from an exam didn’t back up Rogers’ story, and that she had changed it several times during questioning.

Interestingly enough, after Rogers had reportedly turned herself into police, she was released out of jail on bond after not having to post a cent!

Riding on the heels of several other alleged “hate crimes” perpetrated against homosexuals in recent news, this comes as the third story in recent weeks, where the alleged “victim” made it all up.  After whipping the public up into a frenzy and apparent backlash against hate and intolerance, their stories are exposed as pure fabrications!

Two weeks ago, admitted homosexual Joseph Baken of Montana reported to police that he was beaten up by some guys for being gay.  A video surfaced on YouTube shortly thereafter, showing how he incurred the injuries by attempting to do a backflip in the street and landing on his own head.

He was charged and nothing happened to him after lying to police and making the whole thing up.

Alexandra Pennel, 19, arrested May 2, 2012 after lying to police and making up evidence. Image Daily mail.

Last month, a college student from Connecticut reported that she was a victim of an alleged serial hater, and police set up hidden cameras to catch the culprits in the act.  After the cameras suspiciously stopped working during several occurrences of said “hate crimes,” police set up another set of hidden cameras.

Yep, you guessed it…  The other cameras caught the alleged “victim,” Alexandra Pennell, pulling off the caper herself.  She too held rallies, spoke to crowds, and called for an end to the intolerance.  Pennell was charged with 8 felonies but was able to walk out of jail without posting one dime in bond money!

Not to take away from legitimate victims of violence based on sexual whatever, when people do things like this; why are there not stiffer penalties?  How is it that they are permitted to simply walk away free after stirring up the crap and the public dollars are dumped into finding their alleged assailants?

Why does the media give these people a pass when things like this happens?

It would seem that after so many of these sort of frauds are thrust upon the American public, that we would tire of the false flags and eventually dismiss any and all claims of these sort of crimes as simply immature cries for attention.

Is there not an Aesop’s Fable regarding “the boy who cried wolf,” that warns of the perils of making such a spectacle fraudulently?  It makes one wonder why now of all times, that these sort of frauds are being perpetrated.

Just something to think about…