I Bet You Didn’t Hear About THIS On The News: Former Secretary Of The Treasury Confronted Over Threats To Congress Over “Martial Law” If American Taxpayers Don’t Bail Out Banks!

Posted on August 27, 2012


Recently posted footage of activists who caught and confronted former Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson after a secret meeting with members of the Bilderberg group, and threats to both the United States Congress and Senate, that there would be martial law if they did not approve another big bank bailout.

The United States (Luke Rudowski-We Are Change) – Matt and Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange try yet again, on two separate occasion’s, to question former U.S Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson about the banker bailouts. Watch what happens as the secret service and private security guards go out of their way to make sure no question is uttered to Mr. Paulson. Of course, this never stops WeAreChange and leads to interesting encounters on both occasions.

Learn more:  http://wearechange.org/henry-paulson-confronted-on-threatening-congress-with-marshall-law/