How Kickass Is This? Did You Know You Can Participate In A Reinactment Of The Bin Laden Compound Raid With A REAL Navy Seal?

Posted on August 31, 2012


Minnesota (The Gaslamp Post) – The sound of rapid gunfire surrounds you in the darkness; there’s a  flash and a sudden bang that leaves your ears ringing.  The sound of your chopper leaving the scene dies off as it fades away into the distance, and the only ones left of your platoon are you and your c/o.  The mission is clear and this is what you came here to do, Bin Laden is behind one of those doors and his guards are coming for you.

If you are captured, the Navy Seals will deny any knowledge of your existence, and your fate won’t be pretty.

The two of you stealthily make your way down a hallway until you find the door that the mission brief said he may be behind.  You turn the knob quietly and all at once a tall, bearded man, jumps up screaming in Arabic, and attempts to fire his rifle at you.

A surge of adrenaline shoots through you as both open fire on the man, sending his limp body hurling backwards towards the floor.  Ice courses through your veins as your ears numbingly ring and your eyes adjust after the sudden flashes in the darkness…

The man you’ve just “killed” isn’t really dead, and isn’t really Bin-Laden, he is just an actor.

This isn’t a video game or some Hollywood version of the famous Navy Seal raid on the Bin laden compound in Pakistan; it’s a studio in New Hope, Minnesota.

Sealed Mindset Firearms Studio, a company started by former Navy Seal, Larry Yatch, offers this experience along with other, “live action” scenarios ranging from kidnappings, to carjackings and even workplace shootings.  If you’ve ever wondered if such a place existed, Uncle Gaslamp is here to tell you yes, yes it does.

Sealed Mindset offers this experience as one of 73 different “classes”, in which he teaches Americans vital survival skills in a crisis.

Some would ask where one would find such a market for this sort of product, which has so far had 137 customers come to play the scenario – the price for the “Bin-Laden Raid” is $325.  It covers your training, practice at the company’s shooting range with live ammo, your gear for the mission, and special ammo to be used during the scenario in a paintball gun, manufactured to be as realistic to military issue hardware as possible.

Sealed Mindset even offers a “babysitting” service for parents who wish to take in a class.

“If you spend every weekend shooting or every day at the dojo working on your martial arts, you’re halfway to being safe,” said Yatch. “It’s the people that maybe might be a little intimidated around a gun or don’t necessarily feel comfortable having to fight with someone, those are the people who we can make the biggest difference in their lives.”

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