Teenage Girls Raped, Hostage Shot And Killed By Police During Horrific Stand-off.

Posted on September 6, 2012


Minnesota (The Gaslamp Post) – Reports have been conflicting regarding the exact details behind what exactly occurred during a 4 hour stand off in Woodbury, Minnesota, between an armed gunman who had taken between 8 and 11 hostages in a hotel room, and local police and SWAT.  The incident left one young man, a hostage, dead and several others injured.

The incident occurred at a party being held in a hotel room which went on after hours, on August 31, 2012.  Minors as well as adults were present there, according to police.

The gunman, Demetrius S. Ballinger, 25, was also one of those in attendance at the party.  He was taken into custody after the standoff and was charged with 27 felonies, including attempted murder, first-degree criminal sexual conduct, robbery and assaults with a weapon.

Dimitrius Ballinger, accused of shooting at Mark Henderson and raping 4 teenage girls during a 4 hour long standoff in a hotel room.

A witness said that Ballinger became agitated when a female party-goer wouldn’t talk to him, so he pulled out a 9mm handgun on the others at the party and demanded their cellphones and money.  One of the female attendees quickly dialed 911 before tossing her phone into the pile with the rest.

Police arrived soon thereafter, locating the room where the party had been going on.  They reportedly retreated when they saw Ballinger point a handgun at them through the window, and called in reinforcements.  30 to 40 additional officers, including heavily armored police and snipers took position around the hotel.

It was at that point that Ballinger ordered another of those in attendance at the party, Mark Eric Henderson Jr., 19, to look out the window for police.  Henderson reportedly tried to escape at that time, with Ballinger firing at him from inside the hotel room.  Ballinger later admitted to police that he fired at Henderson with the intention of killing him.

Officers reportedly opened fire on Henderson as he ran from the room, when he failed to stop and get on the ground.  According to police, the officers said that they did not know whether or not the man running from the room immediately after hearing the gunshot was armed.

Woodbury police would later tell BCA agents that they believed that Henderson had a weapon and was not compliant with officer commands, so officers fired. No information has been released on what Henderson did that was interpreted by police as being noncompliant and what led them to incorrectly believing he had a gun.

He reportedly yelled out in pain to the officers, “you got me!” as he laid on the ground.  He died a short time later of his wounds.

Fred, younger brother of Mark and Mother Tawana display photo of Mark Eric Henderson Jr. who was killed by police after trying to flee an armed gunman.

Ballinger had reportedly been the one who drove Henderson to the party, according to his mother, Tawana Henderson.  She reportedly told the Star Tribune that she knew that both Ballinger and her son had mutual acquaintances and that he had been to her home before but was never let inside, since she knew he usually carried a gun.

After Henderson’s escape, Ballinger ordered 4 teenage girls into the hotel room’s bathroom and told them to remove their clothing.  He then ordered the males onto the floor and made them lay down.  Witnesses said that Ballinger then raped and sodomized all of the girls, ages 15 – 16 at gunpoint, as male party-goers pleaded with him to stop.

He later told police that he knew that he would be going to jail so he “might as well get some.”

Ballinger refused requests by police to release any of the hostages, including the 6 who were reportedly minors.

Witnesses at the hotel recalled seeing a flash and a loud bang which reportedly brought the 4-hour-long standoff to an end.  Ballinger presently remains in custody on $1 million.

Henderson’s family is still in shock after the incident which cost them their son.  Mark’s mother has expressed outrage over how the police reacted and handled the situation.

“In a hostage situation, you don’t just open fire,” his mother said as she stood on her front lawn in St. Paul. She said she had yet to hear the details from authorities, but shared what she had been told by others who were in the motel room. Her story doesn’t contradict the account that officials have given of the shooting.

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