Plane Passanger Arrested For Pounding His Pud – Figured It Would Be Alright Since No One Was Sitting Next To Him.

Posted on September 13, 2012


Colorado (The Gaslamp Post) – Prosecutors say a man who was flying to Denver from Reno had taken advantage of the WiFi service aboard his plane and made unusual use of his time.  According to Colorado U.S. Attorney John Walsh, the 63-year-old passenger had taken in a dirty website on his laptop and decided to do something with himself in public, that he really shouldn’t have.

On September 9, 2012, a female flight attendant had first noticed the man, Daniel Drinan of Reno, doing what she thought was masturbating and asked him to stop.  When that didn’t work, she notified a male flight attendant.  When the male flight attendant approached Drinan, he was able to confirm what his coworker had warned him of.

Daniel Drinan, accused of masturbating on a commercial flight from Reno to Denver this past Saturday night.

The male flight attendant said he could see Drinan’s penis in his hand under the laptop, the complaint said. He told Drinan to put his pants back together.

Police were notified and Drinan was taken into custody when the plane landed in Denver.  “I’m guilty of fondling myself in public,” said Drinan. “I’m sorry. I had no intention of doing anything that would offend people or break the law.”

A statement released to the press by Denver police said that, “he became aroused and was touching himself.  He decided to touch himself because the lights were out on the aircraft and no one was seated next to him, and he was tired and wanted a release.”

Drinan was charged with obscene and indecent exposure committed on an airplane.  He was released on his own recognizances and is due back in court September 19, 2012.  He was also ordered by a judge not to fly on commercial flights.

If convicted, Drinan faces 90 days in jail and a $5000 fine.