2 Teachers Arrested After 3-Way With High School Student

Posted on September 15, 2012


Nevada (The Gaslamp Post)- Two Las Vegas area teachers have been arrested and charged after it was discovered that they were having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 16-year-old high school student.  Both have been charged but are presently out on bond and have been suspended from their teaching positions.

Authorities say Bambi Dewey, 32, and boyfriend John Stalmach, 31, had sexual relations with the girl several times starting around last year’s Christmas break.  Both were charged with solicitation of a minor for sex, but Stalmach faces the additional charge of sexual conduct between a teacher and student.

Bambi Dewey, 32

Police reportedly received a tip from Dewey’s ex-husband, who alerted police to the couple having sex with the minor girl at their Henderson area home.  Dewey’s sister reportedly told her former brother-in-law about what was going on, when her sister told her about it.

The couple met the girl when she was a student at Brown Middle School.  According to the police report, the girl had often babysat Dewey’s children and had also began spending time outside of school with the couple.

She was reportedly a cheerleader and referred to Stalmach as “coach” since he was a gym teacher at Brown at the time.

She told police that she had also spent the night at the couple’s home several times.

The girl told police that she first had sex with the couple during the 2011 Christmas break.  She told police that she drank whiskey with Dewey and Stalmach before they began to engage in three-way sex.

John “Coach” Stalmach, 31

In addition to alcohol, she told police that she had also smoked marijuana with Dewey.

The report also indicated that she had sex with Stalmach in the couple’s home in January 2012, while Dewey was away.

Initially the couple denied all of the allegations against them, surrounding the girl, but Stalmach reportedly cracked first.  Stalmach, who was accused in 2009 of texting pornography to a female freshman student, and was transferred to teach at an elementary school, finally admitted to having sex with the girl.

The girl said she was disgusted with what she had done with the couple and said she kept quiet about it because she feared what her parents would think.

Dewey was freed on $20,000 bond while Stalmach was ordered to pay $60,000.  They are due back in court October 1, 2012.

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