So, Voter ID Laws Are Racist And There Is No Voter Fraud? Not Only Is There, But Guess Who’s Doing It!

Posted on September 16, 2012


Congressional candidate Gemma alleges voter fraud linked to U.S. Rep. Cicilline(D)

Rhode Island (Providence Journal) – Congressional candidate Anthony Gemma alleged Wednesday that a private investigation has uncovered voter fraud linked to U.S. Rep. David N. Cicilline, his opponent in the upcoming September primary.

Gemma contends an investigation he initiated by retired state troopers found evidence of people being paid to vote for certain candidates, people voting multiple times at different voting places and people who impersonated other voters.

Speaking at an outdoor press conference near his headquarters, Gemma called Cicilline the “common denominator” through most of the evidence, some of which dates to 2002.

The findings, Gemma said, are not “run-of-the-mill dirty politics” or “gossip, but evidence of conduct that compromises the very core of our electoral process.”

Cicilline’s campaign characterized Gemma’s allegations as an “outrageous political stunt” with “not one shred of evidence.”

Gemma “produced nothing more than bizarre statements about witnesses holed up in attics with weapons and a state representative wearing disguises to vote at multiple locations,” Cicilline campaign manager Eric Hyers said in an emailed statement. “David believes that the people of Rhode Island deserve a real discussion of the serious issues we face, not more irresponsible political games from Anthony Gemma.”

Juan Williams: Voter fraud? What voter fraud? That’s just a rumor started by racist Republicans.

Gemma’s conclusions were based on information from witnesses who said they were involved in the Cicilline campaign, Gemma said. He read statements from those witnesses, but he did not identify them. He said the statements were given under oath.

Gemma says he has met with the head of the state police Col. Steven G. O’Donnell to discuss the evidence. Gemma said he also turned over information to the FBI.

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