Oh Look… More Voter Fraud That Doesn’t Exist!

Posted on September 19, 2012


Arkansas (The Gaslamp Post) – An Arkansas state representative pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit elections fraud in federal court last Thursday.  The former District 54 Representative, Hudson Hallum (D-Marion) had entered his guilty plea along with his father and two other campaign workers.

Rep. Hallum was expected to resign this past Monday after winning his seat in a special election, where he was to represent the newly drawn district 50.

He and his fellow accused told the court that they willfully bribed voters, gathered and cast absentee ballots themselves, and in some cases destroyed ballots cast for his opponent in order to influence the outcome of said special election.

According to the Commercial Appeal:

“I didn’t initially really feel like what I was doing was wrong because I always heard that that’s what you do over here,” Hallum said. “As things started to progress, I started to realize that we were doing some things that were wrong and I just got wrapped up in the middle of things and I just turned away from it and allowed it to go on. That was wrong on my part.”

Prosecutors said that Hallum and his father instructed campaign workers to gather up absentee ballots of specific voters and complete them for the voter, but casting them “without regard to the voter’s actual candidate choice.”  The ballots were placed into their envelopes unsealed, and destroyed if they were votes for Hallum’s opponent.

Absentee voters were also alleged to have been bribed with food and money, according to the prosecution, in exchange for their cooperation in the scheme.