The President Is Vowing To Get Tough On China Because Romney Isn’t…

Posted on September 21, 2012


…or so the story goes.

Ohio (The Gaslamp Post) – Taking an easy approach to China?  Not even close, says the president’s director of the National Economic Council, Mr. Gene Sperling.  According to the latest and greatest out of the Obama camp, the president has vowed to put his foot down with China, and their practices of flooding our shores with cheap car parts.

Where many of the president’s critics are calling this obvious move an “election year conversion,” aimed at him staying in office, his campaign is saying it ain’t so.  China has artificially manipulated its currency in order to undercut the world manufacturing sector, they have utterly ignored intellectual property rights, and have cost Americans millions of jobs.

And President Obama is sick of it.

This past Monday while on the campaign trail, our dear leader informed everyone that he intends to defend the auto industry from the Chinese by doing what he did in 2009; he’s going to file another complaint with the World Trade Organization (If that sounds abit odd, that’s alright – I don’t recall hearing about that either).  The president is accusing China of subsidizing their manufacturing of automotive parts in order to keep the price of them low.

Now whether or not that move has any teeth is another matter all together.  Brazil for example has filed a suit against us, with the WTO over the same situation.  Apparently we’ve been subsidizing our cotton industry which is screwing up Brazil’s cotton industry, and we’ve been sued for 8 of the last 10 years.  Alot of fat good it did for the Brazilians.

So now why all of a sudden the interest, after 3+ years of the good president’s administration?  Because he cares!  Besides, SOMEONE had to – it’s not like the last administration was going to do anything about it (Yes, they actually said that).

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

“Four different times [the Bush administration] had an opportunity to use that tool and rejected it,” he [Sperling] said. ” … [T]he record is we have now brought more WTO cases against China in three and a half years than the previous administration did in eight years.”

“Taking a tougher position on China on manufacturing and defending our auto industry has been a part of the Obama economic strategy since day one,” he said.

The Obama campaign will try to make you think that at least he’s trying to do SOMETHING about China, unlike that evil corporate raider and job outsourcer, Mitt Romney.  Governor Romney gets off on hacking companies to pieces and watching as American jobs are loaded onto boats and sent sailing off into the sunset, so the Obama campaign would have you believe.

To hear them tell the story, Governor Romney riding his horrendous dragon named “Bain Capital” swooped into poor, thatch roofed American villages, where raggedly clothed families huddled together in the corners of their hovels, and pleaded for mercy, as the evil Mitt Romney’s dragon set fire to their homes and flew off into the night with their jobs.  All they’re missing is the toddler with a dirty face, standing in the shadows and holding a teddy bear with only one eye, sobbing as the reflections of the flames consuming his home dance across his face.

That’s a great story and all, and even though it would make a pretty good action scene in “How To Train Your Dragon II,” it’s pretty far from true.  According to ABC News, they’re even going as far as to make the former governor out to be the sort that brags about not only outsourcing jobs, but about the living conditions that the poor and abused Chinese workers face.

As they see it, not only did Governor Romney’s wicked beast Bain consume American jobs and invest in Chinese companies, the former governor even held onto a few Chinese companies after he left.

After leaving Bain, Romney retained a $500,000 to $1 million investment in a Bain-managed fund that bought part of a Chinese electronics company called GOME after Romney had relinquished control over the private equity firm.

He described the 12-person dormitory-style rooms lined with bunk beds where the Chinese laborers lived. He recalled the barbed-wire fences with guard towers that surrounded the factory compound where 20,000 women between the ages of 18 and 23 worked long hours assembling small appliances, earning a “pittance” to save up for marriage.

Again, that’s a great story, but completely fabricated.  How do I know?  Because of a great little website called

According to the crew over at that outfit, the whole claim that Governor Romney did any of that is bogus.  They even blast the president’s attack ads that he’s “approved” which have been used to smear Governor Romney.

As it turns out, the former governor did take over companies which had to downsize, and the investment firm Bain, which he founded in 1994 DID send some jobs to China, but he was gone from the company over a year by the time that happened.  No seriously, go see for yourself.

They go on to call the president’s attack ads “overreaching” and then give you the real story.  Oh and as far as Romney not paying his taxes, that’s also alot of hot air.

So now why all of the sudden talk about China and Mitt Romney?  Well if our current president’s record has shown us anything, it’s that he’s all about pointing the finger when he screws up.  Romney sent American jobs to China?  Nope, not really – but guess who did?

America, does the name Jeffrey Immelt ring a bell?  Since 2009, Mr. Immelt has sat on the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and is the current president and CEO of General Electric (GE).  GE, who has been at the forefront of the green energy movement, has outsourced more jobs in just three years than any other company in our hemisphere.  And where did they go?


From his closing and shipping jobs out of Wisconsin from GE Healthcare’s x-ray division, to him closing down jet engine manufacturing in the southern United States, President Obama has appointed a man to his cabinet who has made our manufacturing sector look like a butcher shop window.

And just where did those jobs go?


As if history has taught us nothing, someone in our government was actually dumb enough to think that it would be a good idea to share jet engine technology with a nation who could potentially be our enemy in another world war.  Those people would be President Barack Hussein Obama, and Jeffrey R. Immelt.

Oh, and since we’re on the subject – as far as Governor Romney not paying his “fair share” of taxes, it came out today that he and his wife paid almost $2 million in taxes, and gave another $4 million away to charities in 2011.  Sure they earned almost $14 million, but that’s their right – they EARNED it.  This is America and they are free to do whatever they wish with what they EARNED.

As a side note, campaign mud slinging or not, why the hell did Governor Romney have to produce his tax returns?  It’s no one’s damn business what he earned (notice I said earned and not collected).

Guess who didn’t pay any taxes in 2011…  GE.  Nope not a cent, in fact, they even received public dollars from the treasury because not only is Immelt pals with President Obama, but his company falls into the “green” catagory.

What a racket, huh?

Bain Capital, Bain Capital, Bain Capital…  they drone on and on.  Demonize hard work and risk, and instead praise sitting on the porch and collecting a check.  I don’t know about the rest of you, America, but I’m done with this whole being guilty because I get up and break my hands trying to scratch out a living.

I’m sick of getting my head kicked in because I’m good at what I do, and can feed and clothe my kids.  I’ve had it with a president who would go around the planet and apologize for others like me who helped make this great nation what it is today.

I didn’t build this?  We didn’t build this?  Save that crap for the idiot, dope smoking, college kids and teenagers who don’t know any better.

I’ll tell you this much Mr. President, YOU didn’t build this…  Mr. “Choom Gang”.

This whole China business is an obvious smokescreen, and the only ones who are falling for it, haven’t been paying attention.  This isn’t a republican versus democrat thing, this is a right and wrong thing.  What this is, is a time to fix us as a nation and bring us all together in order to put us back where we belong.

Our money going to crony friends of the president is no way to run a country – unless you’re a locust.  Come November, America, if we can see past the nonsense – this will all be a bad dream and we’ll finally have a chance to fix this mess.