13-Year-Olds Brutally Murder Great-Grandmother, Left Body In Garage And Went To Eat Pizza

Posted on September 24, 2012


Wisconsin (The Gaslamp Post) – Two 13-year-old boys are in custody, accused of a grisly murder of one of their own family members.  The exact nature of the crime has left a community, as well as their immediate families in shock.

Police say the two boys, Antonio D. Barbeau and Nathan J. Paape, both 13, brutally bludgeoned Barbeau’s great-grandmother with a hammer and a hatchet last Monday, and left her body in the garage of her Sheboygan area home.  Police say they have do not know why they decided to kill Barbeau’s great-grandmother, now identified as 78-year-old Barbara J. Olson.

They were both ordered to be held in Sheboygan County Jail, on $1 Million bond, as of Friday.

Barbeau’s attorney, George Limbeck, said he plans to make a motion to send his client’s case to juvenile court.

Limbeck said his client was “holding up like you’d expect any 13-year-old to hold up. He is a very small, immature-looking 13-year-old, almost 14-years-old kid. The family I’ve been dealing with (Barbeau’s mother, grandmother and grandfather) is extremely distraught.”

According to the Sheboygan Press, a 911 call was placed around 1:00 pm on Wednesday from Olson’s daughter, Barbeau’s grandmother, stating that she had found her mother in the garage, lying in a pool of blood.

Nathan Paape, 13, and Antonio Barbeau, 13, at their first court appearance this past Friday. They have both been charged as adults with first-degree intentional homicide.

Her mother was pronounced dead at the scene by the county coroner.

According to authorities, the boys received a ride to Olson’s home from Paape’s mother, who dropped them off, unaware of what the two were going to do.  They entered the home and were confronted by Olson, who threatened to call Barbeau’s mother.

It was then that Olson was struck in the head by Paape, who had a hammer, and Barbeau, who was using the blunt end of a hatchet.  The elderly woman tried to shield herself from the repeated blows while pleading for them to stop.

At that point, Barbeau reportedly turned the hatched and drove the sharpened end into his great-grandmother’s head.  It had wedged so deep that it required both of them to dislodge it from her skull.

The boys tried to drag the body to the woman’s car, leaving a trail of blood through the house, in hopes of driving it to another location and disposing of the body. They were unsuccessful, and left the body on the floor of the garage.

They then ransacked the house, taking Olson’s purse, cash, jewelry and other items.

They then reportedly placed Olson’s jewelry and valuables in the car and sped away.  A neighbor reported seeing her car drive off at a high rate of speed at around 4:30 that day.

The two then left her car in the parking lot of a bowling alley, with keys still in the ignition and Olson’s valuables in plain sight.  Their intention was that someone would take the car and get caught with it, therefore taking the fall for what they had done.

According to WTMJ-TV:

“They left the vehicle unlocked with jewelery exposed in the back…hoping that someone would steal the car, and when they were stopped, they would get blamed for (Ms. Olson’s) death” said Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco.

After ditching the car, the two went and ate pizza at a nearby restaurant, but returned with cleaning wipes in order to remove their fingerprints.

Police initially went to the home of Paape but declined to state why.  He reportedly admitted to his role in the murder.  Barbeau, a fugitive at the time of the crime, reportedly turned himself back in to a juvenile detention center on an unrelated matter.

His blood splattered clothes and shoes were reportedly found in his locker.

If convicted, the two would face life in prison.

(h/t:  Sheboygan Press, WTMJ-TV)