“You Didn’t Build That” Is Put Into Practice – Black Mob Takes Over Man’s Store, “We OWN This Now!”

Posted on October 2, 2012


Michigan (The Gaslamp Post) – A gas station operator in Detroit has been overrun by a gang of black teens who have basically hijacked his business.  Fearing a violent response from the group if he attempts to remove them by force, the gas station owner has tried repeatedly to obtain support from police, with little success.

The gang, which call themselves the “Bad Crew”, has reportedly moved in and now refuse to leave, claiming it as their own.  It has all  but completely ruined the man’s business.

According to Fox-2 in Detroit:

“There’s a lot of good people around here,” said the station owner, who wished to remain anonymous. But now, those good people aren’t coming as often to the Marathon station along W. 7 Mile Road on the city’s west side.

“This is a Bad Crew gas station,” said one teen loitering out front on Tuesday. When asked what that meant, he said, “If you don’t know, I can’t even tell you.”

You name it, they’re doing it inside the gas station; from spitting in the sinks and eating, to smoking and selling drugs out of it.  At times there are as many as 40 teens out front, intimidating any potential customers.

image of free loading teens who have moved into and taken over a hard working American’s business – as police refuse to do their job!

The owner calls police, but nothing happens. The police “come here and then they leave. Two minutes later they (the mob) are back.”

Detroit police, who now do not bother responding to shoplifting calls reportedly told the owner to hire a security guard.

(h/t:  Sipsey Street Irregulars)