It’s The Return Of The “One Mom Crime Wave”… Tow-Truck-Jacking Pregnant Woman Crashes Into House!

Posted on October 3, 2012


Ohio (The Gaslamp Post) – An 8-month pregnant woman stood before a judge Monday, after being arrested for stealing a tow truck, and leading police on a 7 1/2 mile chase last week.  The high-speed chase ended only after she had all but destroyed the truck, and crashed it into a vacant home.

The judge set the bond for 21-year-old Sophia Davidson, Monday, at $25,000.

Sophia Davidson, 21. Image Glenn Dettman, Indie Online.

“You could endanger your child with that kind of behavior.  That’s why I want that medical information,” said Judge Roland Centrone.

Davidson’s reported due date is November 5, 2012.

Last Friday, Davidson approached a tow truck driver who was in the process of repossessing her 2004 Mercury Mountaineer, and tried to get his attention.  When she was unable to persuade the driver to release her vehicle, she reportedly jumped into the driver’s seat and sped off – with her SUV hooked on the back.

Prior to Davidson speeding off, the tow truck driver, Ed Meadows, who drives for Skipco, was attempting to place steel dollies on the wheels of her vehicle.

Police cruisers soon located her and attempted to pursue.  During the chase, she reportedly burned her SUV’s tires down to the rims, grinding steel into pavement and weaving a path of destruction in her wake.

Police said that the chase reached speeds in excess of 65-mile-an-hour, before she reportedly slammed the tow truck as well as her SUV, into a vacant house.

The aftermath…

Judge Centrone ordered that if Davidson is able to make bail, that she is not to drive until trial.  She was charged with felony grand theft auto of two vehicles, felony failure to comply with the signal or order of a police officer, as well as several counts of misdemeanor resisting arrest and reckless operation.

Officers declined to charge her with the most obvious charge of child endangerment.

“The police chose not to at this point. It’s always something that, if we bind the case over, that (county prosecutors) could have the grand jury look at,” City Prosecutor John Simpson said.

The failure to comply charge, the most serious count Davidson is facing, is punishable by up to five years in prison. A conviction on the charge also carries a mandatory three-year driver’s license suspension.