Apparently It’s Alright To Threaten A Presidential Candidate If You’re A Leftist Stoner…

Posted on October 6, 2012


California (The Gaslamp Post) – It get’s old after awhile, when you have to question why the treatment of one person for doing something is different than that of another who was perceived to have done it as well.  One person is lauded and admired while another is penalized.

What I’m talking about is a recent Instagram post by rapper Snoop Dogg, and a reference to, if not a flat out threat of violence to presidential candidate and former governor Mitt Romney.

What immediately jumped into my mind was what happened to musician, singer, song writer, and author, Ted Nugent, this past April, when he made a pretty benign statement to a crowd at an NRA conference.

“If Barack Obama becomes the next president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

This statement made by the Motor City Madman earned him a meeting with the Secret Service, as it was deemed a threat by the Obama administration.  After a meeting with the Secret Service, it was determined that Mr. Nugent was not a threat to the president, and no further action was taken.

Now we have another musician who is making even worse statements about another individual, also afforded Secret Service protection, but apparently it’s acceptable.  In his list of 10 reasons why he’s voting for President Obama and not Governor Mitt Romney, rapper Snoop Dogg spews some rather moronic, but at times outright racist and violent things toward and about the former governor.

His list, posted on the website, Instagram, can be seen below.

It will be interesting to see if the Secret Service pays Mr. Dogg a visit, but something tells me I shouldn’t hold my breath.

(h/t:  Drudge Report)