Your Tax Dollars At Work: New FBI Task Force To Tackle LASER POINTERS

Posted on October 8, 2012


The United States (Liz Klimas-The Blaze) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently created a task force against a national security threat that has seen such an uptick in attacks, it could almost be considered an “epidemic.” The weapon: hand-held lasers.

In a blog post, the FBI states that incidents of lasers being pointed at flying aircraft — a federal crime — are expected to reach 3,700 this year. In 2005, the FBI notes, there were 283 attacks. These numbers do not include those going unreported each year.

The FBI reports lasers being dangerous to pilots, passengers and those on the ground.

“I had temporary blindness. My eyes were burning. It caused disorientation, and it was distracting,” Captain Robert Hamilton with the Air Line Pilots Association said, according to the post, of a time when he was landing a plane and a laser was pointed at the aircraft.

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