UPDATE: Black Teen Sucker Punches Elderly Bus Driver

Posted on October 16, 2012


Originally posted 10/5/2012

Police have made an arrest in the attack of a Kansas City bus driver earlier this month.  The update follows the story below.

Missouri (The Gaslamp Post) – Originally posted on Sure News.  The video shows a group of teens in Kansas City talking to the 54-year-old man who was driving a bus.  Moments later, the group exits the bus while the last one of them cold-cocks the older man in the face, for absolutely no good reason.

The driver didn’t see it coming.

UPDATE:  Police have arrested the suspect in the attack of a city bus driver.  18-year-old, Michael Cubie of Kansas City, was charged with assault with intent to commit bus hijacking, and third degree assault, in connection with the October 1, 2012 incident.  In the above video, a group of black teens boarded a city bus, each telling the bus driver that the guy behind him was going to pay the fare.

Michael Cubie, 18, confessed to the October 1, 2012 unprovoked attack on bus driver

Once the last teen boarded the bus, and no money was produced, the driver ordered them off of the bus.  That is when he was reportedly struck by Cubie prior to exiting the bus.

The bus reportedly rolled several feet until passengers convinced the man to stop.

Cubie told police that he had boarded the bus and intended to strike the driver.  He reportedly also told police that he was having, “a bad day.”  He was not charged with a hate crime as KCPD did not feel this attack was racially motivated.

(h/t:  Nicholas Stix Uncensored)