One School Bans Costumes For Elementary School Students This Year, But Changed The Reason Why After Parents Fired Back Over A “Diversity” Excuse!

Posted on October 20, 2012


UPDATE – 10/21/2012:  I received an email from a mom in Illinois who says her daughter’s school is doing this same thing – for the SAME reason, not wanting to offend some nameless culture.  Apparently it’s not as uncommon this year as first thought?

Washington State (The Gaslamp Post) – Halloween is a big deal to kids; it always has been, it always will be.  The chance to dress up and be something that they’re not, on a mission to get candy, all within the (hopefully) safe confines of their neighborhood.

You’re only a kid for so long.

It is surprising to hear now that one particular school in the Seattle area has decided to put the kibosh on costumes in school this year.  Other schools in the district reportedly have no such restrictions, and when it comes to the high schoolers, it’s reportedly no-holds-barred.

It’s curious then to hear that an elementary school is dropping the hammer on children this year.  No children who attend the Lafayette Elementary School will be allowed to wear costumes to school on Halloween this year.  End of story.

According to KSTW-TV, although it was  originally a concern of diversity on the part of school administrators, after parent outrage the school changed it’s story.  The school reportedly made an announcement on their blog, that they were concerned that the practice of wearing costumes would be offensive to students of other cultures.

Therefore, NO child would be permitted to wear a costume in school that day.

After the post drew fire from parents, they reportedly changed their tune, to say that since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year and they are already dismissing students 2 hours early for trick-or-treating, the time for kids to change into the costumes would take their valuable classroom time away.

Show of hands, parents; who honestly believes their grade school aged kids are going to be able to concentrate on class work on Halloween?  It’s like trying to get your 6-year-old to sleep on Christmas Eve…  Lots of luck!  (Although I can’t complain, my youngest has never had a problem sleeping, it’s the oldest one come Christmas time that’s impossible)

So now as a trade off, the school will be hosting a “harvest party”.

America, I’m sure by now it would be no surprise to see me say that “this is retarded”, but I’m going to do it again nonetheless.

This is about appeasing someone else, plain and simple.  Valuable class time?  Please…  When kids entering the military and college have to take remedial courses on reading comprehension and basic math, spare me the bit about how valuable class time is.

When I hear stories about kids having TWO recesses during the day, don’t try to convince me that these schools are trying all that hard to put out good units.  The public education system in this country has gone from bad joke, to just plain sad.

And on top of that, they act like this is the first year in history that Halloween has fallen on a school day…

Now I’m not saying that education isn’t important, I truly believe that education is essential to the development of the minds which will run this country tomorrow – but who are these assholes kidding?  Don’t give me crap because today’s public school, union supported, tax-payer hostage taking, jerks decide that they’re doing their job.

Spare me the excuse that their classtime is so precious.  When the U.S. can get past #24 in the world for math and science, then come talk to me.  When we can focus on chemistry, physics, and mathematics – rather than art and how to put a condom on a cucumber, then you can give me noise.  I’m just saying what you (tax-payers) all are thinking.

Now this is the thing that is really irking me.  They originally said that they prohibited costumes because they were concerned that some student may be offended by them.

Um, excuse me…  What country is this again?  In America, we not only embrace our 1st Amendment, but we also know that we have the right to be offended.

Since 1992, I have been offended with this political correctness.  I spoke my mind!   For which I was told that I was a racist, a bigot, an extremist, and told to seek help.  I have been offended and it made no matter to anyone else.

So now kids costumes are offensive, pardon me, COULD BE – POTENTIALLY BE offensive to a student, some student, somewhere…

Alright kids, gather round…

Uncle Gaslamp has a story for you all.  Do you know where the word “halloween” comes from?

In old english it means “All Hallows Eve”.  “Hallows” meaning “Holy” – as in the Lord’s Prayer when we say “Hallowed be Thy name.”

It was the early Catholic Church’s answer to the Pagan festival of “Samhain”.  Sometime between 300 and 600 A.D., Rome had this problem with who they considered “barbarians” and “goths” as they tried to extend the empire further west in Europe.  The Catholic Church, in their effort to convert the Pagan Saxons and Britons, came up with the holiday, All Hallows Eve, and celebrated the following day as “All Saints Day”.

Samhain (celebrated on October 31st), to the Pagans was already a similar holiday, because it was one of two (see also Beltaine) in which they believed that a door between our world and the netherworld would open, and spirits of the dead could more-or-less come back to visit.

Samhain is bisect in the Pagan calender year by Beltaine, as Beltaine is the celebration of fertility (spring, planting, prayers and offering to the earth goddess for a good crop – but also the spirits coming back to hang out).  Samhain is one of 3 holidays dealing with harvest (end of the growth cycle, reaping the fields, end of life, death, return to dirt).

In other words, it is the final, if not the biggest Pagan holiday regarding harvest – it IS the harvest.

In America, Halloween is celebrated as a secular holiday, unless you’re a strict Russian Orthodox and die-hard Catholic.  For a SECULAR school to deny kids of a SECULAR tradition, and instead use the term “Harvest Holiday” to ME is offensive.

Halloween, as it has been celebrate here in America is part of our CULTURE.  Our CULTURE is part of our identity.  To tell kids that they cannot partake in a tradition because THEY may offend someone else, is ABSURD!

And yet we’ll go along with a “celebration” which coincides with a holiday of another religion NOT within the framework of our nation’s founding?


We are the world’s “melting pot”, NOT the worlds “chamber pot”!

When people come here, they are seeking a better life, a life of possibility, a life of prosperity.  THEY conform to US, NOT the other way around.

We ARE tolerant, we HAVE BEEN tolerant, we HAVE accepted other cultures…  but it’s a two way street.  If you come to America, then you BECOME America.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired of hearing people bending, out of fear, that someone may be offended by our “Americanism”.

I’m DONE with caring about offending someone…  as I’m sure all of you are.

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