The American Ed-ju-muh-ka-shun System At Work – Check Out The Sign Above The Doors Of THIS Fine Institution

Posted on October 22, 2012


Oklahoma (The Gaslamp Post) – What’s worse, America…  A misspelled sign or the mere fact that it has been misspelled for months?

If you had your choice between laziness or blatant stupidity, which would you choose?

Well, if you’re a school perhaps the answer would be neither, especially here in the United States, right?  WRONG.

You’re eyes aren’t deceiving you, the sign has been like that for quite awhile.

A school in Sapulpa has reportedly not only hired illiterate contractors to install the sign above their door, but apparently the brain-trust at the helm of the school didn’t catch it for quite some time either.

Neighbors reportedly told KXAN-TV that the sign has been that way for months.

“It’s sad for our schools, because our schools are wonderful. And so, I’m going to call the schools tomorrow and see if they can get that taken care of,” said Anna Vest, former school employee.

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