Truck Loses Load Of Fish Guts On Highway – And You Thought Your Drive To Work Sucked This Morning!

Posted on October 29, 2012


Washington State (The Gaslamp Post) – Cleanup on aisle 5!  A truck hauling a load to fish heads and other assorted parts lost it’s payload last Friday morning, effectively shutting down both northbound lanes of highway 101.

The load, believed to have been destined to become cat food, spilled out when the trailer it was being carried in overturned at around 11:00 am.  It seems that the cargo had been sloshing around back there and someone took that last turn alittle too fast.

Cleanup crews and officers took roughly 2 hours to clean up the literally thousands of fish carcasses.  An earth mover was brought in to get the majority of the mess cleaned up off of the road.

The mess became increasingly difficult to clean up, once the rain began, and seeing as how the mess was so close to the shores of the Willapa Bay, officials just figured they’d leave it.  It was determined that it would make a nice banquet for seagulls and crabs, according to Oregon Live.

“If you’re not done gagging yet, take another look at this future cat food,” State Patrol Trooper Russ Winger wrote with a picture of the mess on Twitter. “Law enforcement can be quite glamorous.”