A Prayer For The Survivors, America. They Are Our Countrymen.

Posted on October 30, 2012


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – Yesterday, a storm of colossal size slammed our eastern seaboard, leaving much destruction in it’s wake.  The death toll is at this moment, still being tabulated.

Millions at this moment are without electricity, water, and heat.  Hundreds of thousands of families are huddled and waiting for waters to recede.

Blizzard conditions are now consuming much of the mid-Atlantic south, in the aftermath of a storm that was well over 900 miles across.

At a time like this, we can only hope and pray that those who could not evacuate had made preparations ahead of time, having enough food, water, fuel, and ammunition on hand, in order to better their chances of coming out of this alive.

Still though, no matter how ready we think we are, sometimes we find out the hard way that it is simply not in our control, but in God’s hands.

Falling trees have destroyed homes, downed power lines have burned neighborhoods to the ground, squalls have erased once standing structures.  Millions of us at this moment are struggling to pick up the pieces.

Right now, I would like to offer up a prayer to our Heavenly Father, and ask him for mercy as our fellow Americans face a cold, dark night, and an even more worrisome and uncertain tomorrow.

Oh most merciful and Heavenly Father,

We come before you tonight, asking for Your mercy, as so many tonight are suffering.  We come together as people of faith, to ask that your hand may stay as much pain and misery as possible.

Please be with them Lord, as they try to make it through the next few days.  Calm their fears and ease their pain, and if it be Your will, limit further turmoil that they may experience, for You are merciful.

Guide us dear Heavenly Father, and show us how we can whenever possible, lend aid to our fellow Americans, in hopes of quickening their recovery.

All these things we ask in Your Son Jesus name,


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