Registered Sex-Offender Running For Seat On School Board… Wait, WHAT?!?!?!

Posted on October 30, 2012


Utah (The Gaslamp Post) -A man who claims to have paid his debt to society and has sought treatment for what he is calling a “crime of confusion,” stemming from a felony sexual abuse case some 20 odd years ago, is running for a seat on the Granite (Salt Lake County) school board.

Candidate for school board seat and registered sex offender, Mr. Richard Wagner Jones

Candidate R. Wagner Jones is seeking election to district #1, whose seat is currently held by one Mr. Dan Lofgren.

Although still required to register as a sex offender over a conviction stemming from a 1989 case involving a girl, Wagner says that the treatment he was required to obtain ensures that he is not one of the 40%, likely to again commit a crime of confusion.

He makes no secret of his past, and explains his crime and punishment on his website.  Interestingly enough, he draws an unusual comparison between himself and his opponent.

This campaign includes the controversy that some people will raise concerns over the sex offense that R. Wagner committed 23 years ago in 1989, and for which he has fully paid his debt to society.  Voters should be equally concerned about the conflicts of interest that R. Wagner’s opponent, Mr. Lofgren, has on Land and Construction issues that are voted on by the School Board.  Mr. Lofgren’s current conflict of interest has been noted on the minutes to School Board meetings and R. Wagner’s prior offense is also a matter of public record.

Candidate Jones is reportedly only interested in what is good for the school district.  According to the Salt Lake Tribune:

Jones said his reasons for running for school board include wanting to improve the district’s initiatives on how to motivate students and teachers. He wants to lower class sizes, improve incentives for teachers and questions why the school board needs so many executive sessions, where business is conducted out of the public eye.

Still though, some are concerned with how exactly it is that candidate Jones intends to fulfill his duties while in office.  As it stands now, law prohibits Mr. Jones from being at both public as well as private elementary and intermediate schools, without first notifying and securing permission from a school administrator.

“People have their baggage, and I have my baggage in this election, of course,” Jones said. “We live in a Judeo-Christian society I think, where repentance is something people want to do. I’ve bent over backwards to be an example to my sons of someone who faces their problems. People who run away from their problems are dangerous.”

“Baggage”…  yeah.  I wonder if his victim has any of that sort of thing left over.

(h/t:  The Coming Crisis)