Workers At “Green Energy” Company Paid To PLAY CARDS!?!?!?!?!?!

Posted on November 8, 2012


Michigan (The Gaslamp Post) – There’s so little work there they say, that the employees literally sit around playing cards, board games, and reading magazines.  Employees at the LG Battery plant in Holland, Michigan say that they’d really like to be doing more, but there’s simply no work to be had.

LG Chem, a stimulus funded, green energy company (which incidentally is based in Korea), has reportedly received over $151 million as part of President Obama’s Recovery Act.  They were touted during their groundbreaking in 2010 as planning to create 300 jobs and kick out over 15 million battery cells per year.  The city itself was expecting the plant to pump $270 million into the local economy as well as create 1,500 “spin-off” jobs in the area.

Unfortunately, once the fanfare died down and the dust settled, it never happened.

The company was busy in the beginning, proudly turning out 4000 cells a week, and roughly 100,000 in all, but then it all came to a grinding halt.  As it turned out, the batteries that they had produced were only for testing purposes.

They soon shipped out, only to be sent to a recycling facility.  In all, not a single battery has been built or shipped out for sale.

Remaining materials for battery production have reportedly been shipped back to Korea, so even if they DID receive an order, it’s not likely that they would be able to produce them.

The only reason that the plant stays open is because if they stop hiring, or their employment numbers drop, they will lose both a $25.2 million-over-15-years state tax credit and a $100 million-over-4-years tax credit for creating jobs.  Keynesian economics (which only works in the classroom) at it’s finest, America…  Pay people to dig a hole just to fill it back in again.

I’m sorry; HOW did the president get re-elected, again?

(h/t:  WOOD-TV)