A Lesson From Hurricane Sandy: Big Government Can’t Save You.

Posted on November 10, 2012


New York (The Gaslamp Post) – A week ago this past Monday, a storm of proportion not seen before by this generation had slammed into our northeast corner.  States far beyond the coast were hit when the storm went inland.

It is being compared to hurricane Katrina, although I don’t recall Katrina knocking out power as far away as Michigan.  Millions of Americans tonight are facing a scary night without heat, water, electricity, and many without food.

Kind of puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?

Tonight, fathers and husbands are standing guard over their shivering and terrified families, as gangs of looters have taken to the street to prey on the survivors.  There is no help for many, as the region has slipped into lawlessness and anarchy.  It takes a special kind of scumbag to prey on his own people, when everyone around them is taking a beating.

It’s going to be another long night for these Americans.

Did we ever think we’d see the day that Queens would literally be blown away?

Queens, New York – the morning after Hurricane Sandy. Image CNBC.

What police officers are left, are doing what they can as their sworn office dictates, but many have families themselves.  Are we witnessing what happens when the system breaks down?  Is this not after all, what has happened?

Americans are literally helpless at this moment, praying for deliverance, begging for help, and agencies and organizations simply cannot keep up with the needs of the survivors.

I use the word “survivor” because I refuse to call these people victims; “you can only be a victim if you admit defeat,” – Milo Aukerman.

These survivors, based on everything I have seen and read indicates that they are not a people defeated; they fight on.

Which brings me to my point; the only thing government can do for you is empty your wallet and make your life hell, it can’t and won’t help you.  I watched video clips as Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama toured the storm struck area, while people cried out in frustration, begging them for help.

We are cold, we have no gas, we have no food, we have no water; were the screams from the crowds of people.  Some of those people had dark homes to go back to, yet others simply lost everything.

When FEMA finally did arrive, they ran out of water.  They reportedly set up relief stations where people could apply for monetary assistance and low-interest recovery loans, but with stores sitting empty and no electricity to be had, what good is it?

Just months ago, the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees FEMA dumped tax-payer dollars into the purchase of hundreds of millions of bullets, but now they run out of water.  Interesting that they chose that over stocking any sort of preparedness items.  They reportedly offered tips on braving the aftermath and instructions on where to go for help on their website, which does a lot of fat-good when you have neither electricity, internet, nor cell phone signal.

The day after the president had won his reelection, FEMA reportedly packed up and rolled out of town in some places.  Why stick around?  The president got what he wanted; a photo op of him there taking charge and then his re-election.

The Red Cross showed up and had plenty of hot chocolate, but little else.

It has since snowed there, leaving as much as 3 to 4 inches on the ground, that the survivors had to contend with.  Volunteers have come, bringing food, clothing, and whatever else people have donated.  Organizations like Operation Blessing International and Glenn Beck’s charity Mercury One have gone to many of the ravaged parts of the coast, including Staten Island and Breezy Point, New York, trying their best to aid in the disaster recovery.

What has the government done?  Sure they sent Marines, FEMA made an appearance, but there are still many millions left out there with no electricity or much else.  There were even stories of Union Linemen refusing to allow out-of-state non-union linemen to participate in the electrical repairs in New Jersey, because they wouldn’t join the IBEW.  Even when people went there to help, the bureaucracy got in the way.

There will always be storms, there will always be disasters.  The federal government cannot be there to save each and every one of us when something goes haywire, and we shouldn’t operate under the assumption that they would be.

We should get back to our roots of being self-reliant and determined, and prepare for things like this.  When those who tried their best to prepare lose it all, then we should be ready to help with what we have ready.  I would like to applaud the groups of people who voluntarily came from around the NYC to deliver donated clothes and food to residents of the badly stricken Staten Island.  You people know what it is to be a patriot.

This is how America is supposed to operate, by us doing it ourselves, NOT depending on the federal government.  Maybe those crazy preppers aren’t so crazy after all…  It is going to take some time, but America will recover from this eventually.

If you would like to send help to the survivors of this terrible disaster (list re-posted from The Blaze), the following organizations are there on the scene working to help restore the region:

  • You can donate to AmeriCares Disaster Relief Fund, which delivers medicines, medical supplies and other humanitarian aid to people in crisis in disaster areas following Sandy. The Fund’s response ”builds on 30 years of providing swift, efficient and effective aid to people in times of catastrophe, and then helping survivors rebuild their lives.”
  • New York Cares, New York City’s largest volunteer organization, can contact those who have already attended New York Cares orientations to coordinate disaster recovery projects after Hurricane Sandy, and can also contact interested volunteers for disaster recovery projects to fill out preliminary paperwork.
  • To volunteer today or over the next week with NYC Service to help staff evacuation shelters, you can email nycservice@cityhall.nyc.gov with your name, email address, phone number and borough or call 311.
  • Gothamist reports that John Jay High School in Park Slope has set up an evacuation shelter, and is looking for volunteers to work six to eight hour shifts. They are also seeking donations of belts and clothing for men and children.
  • You can make financial donations to the Food Bank for New York City, who have already sent out their fleet of food distribution trucks to soup kitchens and food pantries throughout New York City, who serve 1.5 million New Yorkers.
  • You can donate to The Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey, that supply food to needy children, elderly, the disabled, working poor and families on the Jersey shore, that has been particularly devastated by Sandy.
  • Team Rubicon, a group of military veterans and medical professionals committed to changing veteren reintegration and disaster response, has initiated “Operation Greased Lightening” mobilizing six response teams from D.C. to New York with a larger contingent of volunteers providing disaster relief.  You can donate $10 to TR that will feed a volunteer a meal,
 $25 that will purchase a replacement chainsaw chain and $100 that will cover the gas needed to get a team in place.

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