Watch: He’s BACK! Phoenix Jones OWN3S Foul Mouthed Ruffian.

Posted on November 11, 2012


Washington State (The Gaslamp Post) – Woe to the foes who think they can cross swords with the brave costumed crusader; Phoenix Jones has your number!  Recently uploaded cellphone video captured an incident which happened this past Friday, of the superhero in action, putting down a would-be threat.

According to an article in The Seattle Pi, authored by Marine David Nelson (Happy Veteran’s Day Marine!), a group of young men had cornered a citizen of Seattle in their car during the very early hours of the morning this past Friday.  Phoenix Jones, accompanied by his faithful team of fellow crime-fighters; Midnight Jack, Red Falcon, Bishop, and Westlake Drake diffused the situation, but then bore the aggression of the group themselves.

In the video Phoenix Jones and his team are confronted by the obviously inebriated bunch, and begin receiving threats and taunts.  One of Phoenix Jones’ companions called police to report the incident, while Jones does his best to diffuse the situation.

By day, mild mannered private citizen, Benjamin John Francis Fodor. By night, crime fighter and patriot, Phoenix Jones.

Upon the arrival of law enforcement, Phoenix Jones attempts to explain what is happening to the officers, but is shouted over by a young man in an orange shirt.  Finally after extinguishing every possible avenue to avoid physically injuring the intoxicated imbecile, the raucous rabble-rouser threatens to go to Phoenix Jones’ home to fight.

WARNING:  explicit language

Phoenix Jones has a family, and that is where he draws the line.

Citing a not-so-widely known state and local law, Municipal Code 12A.06.025 (also known as the “mutual combat law”), Phoenix Jones concedes to the crocked catastrophist, and engages him.  As one could imagine, it didn’t end well for the young man.

Pride comes before the fall…

After being served a bed-time snack of pavement, the young man’s companions explode into profanities, and also demand to fight Phoenix Jones.  Some people exist solely to serve as a warning to others, a concept apparently lost on those two.

Mr. Benjamin Fodor, aka Phoenix Jones, is also reportedly an undefeated MMA fighter. Glad he’s one of the GOOD GUYS!

Officers intervened and sent Phoenix Jones and his companions away from the scene.  The video shows the proud paladins leaving the area, as the lights from the police car and the sounds of profanities grow distant into the night.

Authors note:  Why is there not a movie about these guys?  When first I learned of Phoenix Jones and others of the like in Seattle, I admit that I thought it silly.  Now however, I have grown to admire what it is that he is doing.

This is a man, accompanied by other like-minded individuals, who wish only to defend their fellow citizens from those who would seek to do them harm.  These guys are setting an example of what true patriotism is, and are working to instill a sense of confidence in others.

Say what you will about the costumes, but it is undeniable that what they do takes guts.  To do so while standing out in said manner, displays it more so.

If more people took responsibility for their communities in the same way as Phoenix Jones and crew, you can’t tell me that we wouldn’t see a much different America than we do now.  

Excellent work Phoenix Jones, Midnight Jack, Red Falcon, Bishop, and Windlake Drake; you make America proud! – tglp

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