400 Jobs Lost Over Bad Applicant Behavior

Posted on November 13, 2012


New Jersey (The Gaslamp Post) – Have you ever run across those people who simply do not appear to know how to act in public?  I’m not talking about rambunctious children of grown-ups with poor parenting skills here, I’m talking about adults.

An Idaho based company went to Newark last week to attempt to hire some 400 temporary workers as part of a clean-up effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The company, Command Center Inc. was contracted to remove debris from a 30 mile radius around Military Park, and had been operating in the area.

According to the Star-Ledger, it was supposed to be a pretty sweet gig, paying $9.00 an hour and providing transportation to and from the work site.  These jobs would be guaranteed to last for several months going forward.

The company reportedly set up shop outside of the local YMCA, looking for workers.  Roughly 1000 people showed up seeking work but soon things started to get ugly.

Representatives from Command Center Inc. reportedly packed up and left after at least 10 incidents of “aggressive behavior” was exhibited by several individuals, and they feared violence.  Now they along with their 400 jobs have moved on to find workers elsewhere.

David Kehoe, vice-president of Command Center Inc. said that after the 10 separate incidents, they had no other choice but to look out for the safety of their clients and staff.  “The responsible thing (to do) is to end it,” said Kehoe.

Some people you can’t take anywhere…

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