Hubby Catches Wifey In Backseat With Exchange Student.

Posted on November 17, 2012


Florida (The Gaslamp Post) – Very few things can turn a man’s soul inside-out like the way it does when he thinks his woman is screwing around on him.  Actually catching her in the act, while to some may seem like bringing some sort of comforting closure to the situation, just burns a timestamp into his mind that unfortunately the next few unlucky broads are going to pay for.

I know that it doesn’t make sense, but it’s just human nature.  Scars form for a reason, and we are all afterall only human.

After all of that, what could possibly be worse?

How about catching her in public with her pants down, and in a parking lot with the 16-year-old foreign exchange student staying with you.

A husband using a GPS tracking app on his smartphone had tracked down his wife last Saturday morning at around 10:00.  The app led him to a parking lot nearby the home he and his wife shared, and to her car where he found her in the back seat, playing ‘ride ’em cowboy’.

Amie Neely

Police say that later on that day, neighbors were approached by the boy after they say he told them that he was thrown out of the house for having sex with his sponsor mom.  The wife, Amie Neely, 38, is reportedly a teacher at the Community Christian Academy.

She was arrested on a sexual assault related felony charge early the next day, and has since been fired from her teaching job.  It’s undetermined whether or not the kid was one of her students.  She was released from jail later on Sunday, after posting $15,000 bond.

According to WPTV-TV, the boy had told authorities that the affair had started with some sexually suggestive texts messages exchanged between Neely and himself.  One day after her husband had gone to work, he reportedly told police that he approached Neely in her bedroom and they had sex.

He told authorities that there were other times that they had sex there in the couple’s bed, and that there was another time that they had a romp in the parking lot of a nearby highschool, prior to being caught by Neely’s husband.  Neely is denying any other encounters other than the one for which she was caught and has been charged.

She reportedly told authorities that she gave into the kid’s repeated requests because of “midlife crisis” feelings and thought that if she just had sex with him once, that he’d stop bothering her.  Neely didn’t indicate if she had ever mentioned to her husband that the kid had made any advances on her.

Parents at the school have apparently forgiven her according to WPBF-TV.  One mom made the curious statement that:

“But you know what? She is a human being,” parent Terri Gillam said. “And we all are vulnerable at different times in our life. You know, and that’s sad.  It’s sad, because, evidently, low self-esteem, you never know what goes on in peoples home’s. It’s sad. And that’s what I feel like, and that’s what I pray for — for her.”

Port St. Lucie police on the other hand have a different view of what they have charged Neely over.  According to Master Sgt. Frank Sabol, “A teacher who does this breaches the public trust, shows a complete lack of ethics and good judgment and has no appreciation of appropriate boundaries.”

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