Your Parenting FAIL Story Of The Day: Dad Accidentally Shoots Son While Trying To Explain Gun Safety.

Posted on November 26, 2012


Missouri (The Gaslamp Post) – Last Friday night police and EMTs responded to a call from a father who realized all too late, that the gun in his hand was loaded.  While talking to his 11-year-old son about the importance of firearms safety, he accidentally shot him in the face.

“They were back in a bedroom cleaning guns and planning a hunting trip and were discussing gun safety, ironically enough,” said Det. Richard Shelton.  “The boy was very lucky.  Although it caused serious damage, there didn’t appear to be any life-threatening injuries.”

Officers described the boy as “up and walking”, according to the News-Press, and was able to go to the ambulance under his own power.  The bullet reportedly went through the son’s hand and lodged in his jaw.

Investigators believe that this is what slowed the bullet down and made the injury non-life threatening.

Charges may be filed based upon the outcome of the investigation.

Uncle Gaslamp’s 1st rule of handling a firearm:  Firearms KILL; you don’t pick up a firearm unless you know what the HELL YOU ARE DOING.

Uncle Gaslamp’s 2nd rule of handling a firearm:  Treat EVERY firearm as a LOADED firearm.

This doesn’t just go for civilians.  Some police officers have no business handling them either – case in point.