UPDATE: Seriously? Someone ACTUALLY BOOTED An Ambulance While On An Emergency Call?!?!?!

Posted on December 5, 2012


UPDATE 12/5/2012 – Ahmed Sidi Aleywa was arrested and taken into custody today by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.  The update follows the story below.

Originally posted 12/4/2012

Louisiana (The Gaslamp Post) – EMT’s attempting to transport a patient to a New Orleans hospital received a surprise early this week, when they discovered that someone had booted their ambulance.  Another ambulance had to be called in order to transport the patient in it’s place.

Authorities say that a 911 emergency call was placed, reporting a man inside of the Quicky’s convenient store was having chest pains.  A crew quickly arrived on the scene, parked their ambulance, and rushed in to administer care to the ailing man.

The ambulance crew quickly stabilized and loaded the man onto the ambulance, and went to leave for the hospital.  The driver placed the ambulance in drive and then heard a thud.  The ambulance would not move.

“(They) put the ambulance in drive and heard a loud noise,” said Jeb Tate of EMS.  “Walked out to see a boot on the ambulance where, allegedly the employees of the store came out and booted the ambulance because it was not parked properly in their parking lot.”

“As long as we have our lights on, we park where it is safe to park.”

A second ambulance had to be called to the scene in order to transport the man, who was described as having a life-threatening condition, to the hospital.

According to WAVE-TV, the boot was placed on the ambulance by a store employee who thought he was only doing his job.  A sign is posted in the stores parkinglot which states “If you leave the property your vehicle will be booted.”

This is a regular practice according to Ali Colone, a worker at the store.  “We just have rules and regulations that we have to follow by,” said Colone.  “There are signs out here for our regular customers.”

The employee whom placed the boot on the ambulance is reportedly a foreigner, according to WWLTV.  He speaks no English and has never seen an ambulance before.

According to Colone, the employee responsible for the boot has been identified as Ahmed Sidi Aleywa.  He has since been fired from the store.

According to WFSA-TV, Aleywa has been cited for criminal damage to property.

UPDATE:  The convenience store employee who was responsible for booting the ambulance in the parking lot of Quicky’s was arrested today.  ICE agents took Ahmed Sidi Aleywa into custody today after discovering that his tourist visa from the African country of Mauritania had expired in late September.

City officials stated that although the convenience store placed the boot on the ambulance, they were at no time authorized by the city of New Orleans to do so.