Political Correctness Gone Horribly Wrong: It’s Not Sex Trafficking Your Honor, You Just Don’t Understand Their Culture…

Posted on December 6, 2012


WARNING:  The following story contains graphic descriptions of intense sexual torture and abuse, and is not intended for young or sensitive readers.  There are absolutely no pleasant details to this story, and you will live the rest of your life just fine if you decide to pass on this.  Once you see something, you cannot un-see it.  The name of the victim is withheld to protect her identity.  Readers discretion is advised.

This is seriously going to fly in an American court of law???

Missouri (The Gaslamp Post) – The defense for a couple on trial for alleged sex trafficking, sexual torture, and abuse of a woman described as mentally-deficient, has made an unusual claim recently.  According to the Kansas City Star, the defense is calling an expert witness into the case, which they intend to use to better explain the world of BSDM, or bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism.

The reason for this new “expert” witness is because the defense is trying to push the notion that what the victim endured was not necessarily criminal sexual torture and abuse, but an accepted “norm” within a particular sub-culture.

Ed Bagley's wife is coming to his defense.

“Master Ed” Bagley

A grand jury indicted Ed and Marilyn Bagley, along with two other men in connection with the case of a young woman who was discovered as being kept as a sex slave.  The indictment which dates back to March of 2011, alleges that the young woman was tortured, brutalized, and was sold for sex and to be used by others to beat and torture.

It all came to light when the woman had been rushed to the hospital following a heart attack, believed by police to have been brought on by suffocation and electrocution during a BSDM session.  All four individuals are facing at least 18 charges.

The woman, only referred to as “FV” (female victim) told police that she was a teenage runaway and came to stay with the Bagleys in their trailer when she was 16.  She said that Ed would give her drugs like marijuana and ecstasy, and watch pornography with her.

Authorities say that they promised FV a “great life” and said that they would help her become a model and dancer.  Instead, they said, she was groomed for a life of prostitution and BSDM.

The indictment against the Bagleys alleges that once the girl turned 18 she was made to sign a “slave contract”, and things changed.  She was made to participate in online exhibitions of extreme bondage and torture, made to work as a stripper in an adult night club (but the Bagleys kept her money), and was trafficked to different states for the purposes of either having sex with or being beat and tortured by clientele that was lined up by Mr. Bagley.

The feds also allege that FV was placed in a dog crate if she was not a top earner at the adult club, or if she did anything displeasing to her now “Master Ed”.  Charges against the 4 individuals describe methods of torture ranging from objects being placed in FV’s rectum or vagina and then plugged into the wall in order to electrically torture her, being tied down to a table for hours while a motorized machine repeatedly forced a dildo into her, whipped and flogged with various instruments, having her labia and nipples nailed to wooden boards, held down for forced abortions performed by Master Ed with a coat hangers and speculum, and catheterized and forced to endure deprivation of the ability to urinate after it was purposefully stopped up.

She was made to get a tattoo of Chinese symbols branding her a slave.

This is the Chinese symbol for "slave."

FV also told authorities of her vagina and urinary opening being sewn shut.  She said that on one occasion, Master Ed had shot an animal she cared for in front of her, and said that he would kill her if she cried out or tried to run.  He showed her internet videos of how he would do it, and boasted of the bodies he had buried in the woods behind his trailer.

The Bagley’s trailer, white trash fabulous, y’all!

The other 2 defendants; Bradley Cook and Michael Stokes, aka “Rodent”, are also charged with abusing and sexually torturing the young woman.  Cook is also accused of downloading pictures of the young underage FV being abused, as well as attempting to hire someone to kill her.

Bradley Cook (left) and Michael Stokes (right)

Bradley Cook (left) and Michael Stokes (right)

According to FV, Master Ed transported her to several states where he had arranged for men to have sex with her as well as abuse and torture her.

The Hustler mag in question, blurred and cropped (via TheWrap).

The cover of the issue of Hustler Taboo which featured the victim (face blurred out) on the cover.

The defense argues that all of this started when FV was of legal age and everything was consensual.  They say that FV was given a charmed life, was given a photo shoot with a Hustler offshoot dealing with sexual taboos, and that the prosecution is unfairly targeting the defendants because they simply do not understand the BSDM subculture.

Wife of Master Ed, Marilyn Bagley defended her husband and said that they were very generous to FV over the years, even sharing their bed with the girl.  Mrs. Bagley also added that her husband never engaged in sexual intercourse with the girl while she was a minor.

She said that FV wasn’t a runaway at all, but a former girlfriend of their son’s who decided to stay.  She said that the cardiac arrest episode wasn’t due to any sort of torture, but that the girl simply began seizing on the floor while she was getting ready for work.

Mrs. Bagley is accused of sexually abusing the girl during a photo session.

The defense seeks $32,900 from the court in order to bring in an “expert witness” on the subject of BSDM, in hopes of rebutting the testimony of a psychiatrist who intends to testify for the prosecution in the case.  Dr. Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist from California has testified in several high profile criminal cases, and is highly respected in his field.

Dr. Dietz reportedly testified in the case against Jeffry Dahmer, John Hinkley Jr., Andrea Yates, and Lisa Montgomery.

If convicted, Mr. and Mrs. Bagley, and both Cook and Stokes face a possibility of life in prison.

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