Man Believed Electrocuted While Trying To Steal Live Power Line

Posted on December 8, 2012


West Virginia (The Gaslamp Post) – How can you tell the difference between a live power line and a dead one?  Don’t ask a copper thief!

Police discovered the body of a man who had been missing roughly three days in rural Logan County, who had been believed to have gone hunting.  James David Marcum Jr., 28, was found last Saturday, dead from electrocution.

According to WSAZ, old power transmission lines have been the target of copper thieves in the past.  Authorities believe that he was attempting to steal a power line which they believe he may have thought to be dead.  Guess what?  It wasn’t.

“We could see where some of the previous thefts occurred,” Trooper J.E. Garren said.  “Some of the power lines in that area are extremely old, and some of them aren’t even used anymore.  When we had the storms a couple of months ago, they knocked down those power lines.

People should look closely at this and see that not only is it wrong and illegal, but you can get seriously hurt and even killed,” Trooper Garren said.

Marcum is not believed to have been alone, and police are questioning individuals who may have been with him.

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