Right To Work Now Law In Michigan – Union Protests Turn Violent

Posted on December 11, 2012


Michigan (The Gaslamp Post) – Today was an exciting day for Michigan; Right To Work has passed and is now officially law!  Governor Rick Snyder (R) signed the bill in Lansing today, which passed through both the state House and Senate, making it the 24th state in the union to have such a law.

Gov. Rick Snyder: "This is all about taking care of the hardworking workers in Michigan."

Governor Rick Snyder

As it is written, the law protects Michigan workers and jobs by denying the union’s traditional obligatory requirement of joining a union as a condition of employment.  Up until this law had passed, a worker would be required to not only join a union in certain “union shops”, but to pay a portion of their salaries up the ladder in the form of dues, to the fat cats on top.

It also protects businesses from the socialist and communist tactics used historically to strangle entrepreneurialism and capitalism.  One need look no further than Detroit to see how locust-like unions can be.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan

Governor Snyder, realizing how far in dire straits his state was becoming financially, saw this new law as necessary if he were to save his state.  As neighboring Indiana had already passed Right-To-Work laws, he was watching businesses leave his state for theirs.

“(It’s) time to be a good leader and stand up and take a position,” he told the Detroit Free Press.

Last Thursday the House passed one of the three bills by a vote of 58-52.

When the bill went to the state Senate, state Democrats reportedly repeated the move by Democrats in Madison, Wisconsin, last year and left before the vote began.  The first bill, aimed at practices of public sector unions passed by a vote of 22 to 16.  The second, which was a countermeasure against private sector union policy passed by a vote of 22 to 4.

Coming as no surprise to anyone, union members by the droves turned up to make noise, storm the capital, shout down and intimidate opposition, and basically throw a collective, public tantrum.  State troopers were already onsite at the capital, ready to put down any violence that would undermine the democratic process.

Protesting intensifies outside the Capitol in Lansing, Mich., Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012.

Yeah that pepper spray sucks, huh tough guy?

One protestor was reportedly pepper-sprayed when he reportedly grabbed a female officer and tried to pull her into the crowd.  The protestor was not reportedly arrested.

Today the crowd of unified rabble swelled to an awesome number of an estimated 10,000.  Although it would be worth mentioning that among the license plates spotted of those attending, among them were reportedly vehicles from Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois, spotted in the parking lot of the Michigan AFL-CIO, mere blocks away from the capital.

If you don’t have the numbers, just import them, right fellas?

This morning groups of protestors gathered outside to bang on buckets and chant.  They reportedly dug pretty deep to come up with, “hey, hey! Ho, ho! Right-to-work has got to go!”

State police ended up calling in reinforcements and wore riot gear in preparation of having to deal with the crowd, who by one estimate grew to over 12,000.  At one point an additional 40 officers were brought in to act as a second line between the doors of the state capital and the protestors.

cryingbaby003LPro-Union statements abounded throughout the crowd; UAW President Bob King was on hand to tell supporters that, “Unions built the middle class of America!”  “This is a national attack,” said King.  “These folks want to shift more and more of the wealth to a smaller and smaller group of people.”

Someone needs to remind the unions that they didn’t build that…

“My dad and mom were union workers,” said Melissa Waters of Ann Arbor.  “Without the contracts they bargained for, we wouldn’t have had food on our table or clothes to wear.”

“The union is required by law to provide equal benefits to every member of that bargaining unit, whether they join or not,” Sander Levin said.  “They’re required to provide equal benefits to everyone.”

Hundreds of teachers from throughout the state are also reported to have skipped work today, in order to show support for their heathen brethren.  Several school districts reportedly sent out automated calls yesterday, informing parents of school cancellations today.

“I am a kindergarten teacher,” said Renee Theisen of Warren, whose school district was closed today because so many teachers came to Lansing. “We just want our voices heard. This is important to us to belong to a union, and we want to keep it that way.”

It’s a darn good thing that we dump all of that money into education because they care so much about the children…

A counter-protest in support of Right-to-Work was also staged out in front of the state Capital.  Americans For Prosperity reportedly had permission to be on the front steps but were reportedly run off.

They are also reported to have set up a tent out in the crowd, but it was reportedly attacked by union demonstrators and knocked down.  One union tough guy was on camera knocking the camera out of one of the women with Americans For Prosperity’s hands.

At one point, the union thugs began screaming “tear it down, tear it down” just moments before the large tent was attacked.  Police reportedly rushed in as it collapsed, and thankfully no one was injured.

“Keep your hands off other people’s stuff,” one of the pro right-to-work activists said as some in the crowd started pulling at the tent.

“Keep your hands off my money,” a protester yelled back.

The following video shows what the union thugs had subjected some female counter-protestors to, just as the attack on the tent had began.

WARNING:  Violence and explicit language.

Democrats on the house floor paralleled the threats of their union supporters outside by stating that “there will be blood (if Right-to-Work passes).”

Another group of protestors threatened to show up at the soccer game of the governor’s daughter.  Threats of possible recall elections, similar to those held in Wisconsin earlier this year were also mentioned.

Yet others were threatening to go throughout the state ahead of the 2014 elections, to “remind” constituents of their error of crossing the unions.