UPDATE: 28 Dead In Elementary School Shooting: Why There, Why Right Now?

Posted on December 15, 2012


UPDATE 12/15/2012:  A major detail has arisen which is now calling the official story into question.  Details after the original story posted below.

Originally posted 12/14/2012

Connecticut (The Gaslamp Post) – At this moment there are parents of 20 small children who didn’t realize that last night was going to be their last chance to tuck them into bed.  At this moment there is a hole in the heart of those parents who are staring at an empty bed.  Right now there are parents of 20 small children who have had to live through the longest day of their lives.

The details of a gunman going to an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, have been hazy and sporadic, and at times been conflicting depending on whom was giving the details.

State police personnel led children from the school, following the shooting. (credit: Newtown Bee Photo, Shannon Hicks)

What is known at this moment is that a 20-year-old man entered the school at around 9:40 am this morning, and opened fire in a kindergarten class.  He reportedly killed his mother at their home in New Jersey before driving his mother’s car to the school where she had worked.  One report said his father worked there as well.

Police were called to the scene while shots rang out in the halls.  Terrified children who couldn’t begin to fathom what was happening heard the sounds of terror over the intercom as screams were broadcasted through the school.

Innocent eyes watched helplessly as their friends and classmates were slaughtered in front of them; their tiny ears ringing while their hearts filled with confused panic.  How could such a thing happen in America?  In a school?  In a gun-free zone?  To tiny children?

Responding officers immediately entered the school and evacuated all that they could.  Children were told to run as fast as they could and not stop until they reached the fire station across the street.

The body of the gunman was found among the dead inside of the school.  Official reports from the state-run media indicated that he was dead of a self-inflicted gun shot wound.  7 others, believed to have been teachers and faculty were among those killed.  One teacher was hospitalized with a gun shot wound to the foot.

Police reportedly located 2 handguns in the school, believed to have been used by the gunman, and a Bushmaster .223 rifle was found in the car believed to have been driven by the gunman.  All three were reported to have belonged to the gunman’s dead mother.

The “massive” investigation is still ongoing at this moment, as authorities are still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  None of the bodies of those murdered have been moved, and are not expected to be moved until at least Sunday.

Numerous conspiracy theories have been bouncing around all day, from various alternative news outlets.  None of them will you see here right now.

It isn’t of any surprise that within minutes of news of the shooting surfacing, that the mainstream media was full of press conferences featuring politicians and talking heads calling for gun control.  They almost seemed to have been waiting for it.  Thank you politicians for showing us what whores you truly are.

All of these things will be addressed in due time, but for right now it would be best to let them mourn in peace.  Politics can wait, let them first honor and bury their children, their sisters and brothers, their husbands and their wives.

You have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live, and we are not given a minute longer.

Job 14:5

Pray for them America.  We all have children, and I’m sure that it was in the back of your minds today that it could just have easily been at their school.  Lord know it was in mine. – tglp

UPDATE:  Nancy Lanza, mother of suspected shooter Adam Lanza, was not employed by the Sandy Hook Elementary School where the shooting took place.  This contradicts the original press release stating that she was the kindergarten teacher.  It also contradicts the statements of a woman who claimed to be her assistant.  Neither the teachers nor the school board had ever heard of her.  This also strikes her estranged husband from the equation as well.  More updates to follow as the state-run media’s official story falls apart.

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