The High School Shooting Plot (That Never Was) Foiled Same Day As CT Massacre – You Heard It Here First!

Posted on December 15, 2012


Just wait until the libs get ahold of THIS!

Oklahoma (The Gaslamp Post) – A high school student is in custody after police say that he had plotted to pull off a school shooting of his own.  Officers serving a Probable Cause warrant arrested Sammie Eaglebear Chavez at 4:30 am yesterday, and charged him with planning, attempting, or conspiring to perform an act of violence.

Given the nature of the arrest and the day on which it happened, it can be expected that this story will hit the mainstream within 24 hours.  One could care to wager that the headline would read something to the effect of, “School Shooting Plot Discovered Same Day As Connecticut Elementary School Massacre” or something along those lines.

Sammie Eaglebear Chavez, 18

Sammie Eaglebear Chavez, 18

According to Tulsa World, a student at Bartlesville High School had gone to school officials after a conversation in the cafeteria in which they say Chavez was trying to recruit accomplices in order to mass execute students at his school.  This ONE student also stated that Chavez had researched information about the Columbine High School Massacre.  The statement of this one student was taken by police as a sworn affidavit, which led to the young man’s arrest.

According to police:

“Sammie tried to recruit other students to assist him with carrying out a plan to lure students into the school auditorium where he planned to begin shooting them after chaining the doors shut.

He also told them that if the students assisting him did not do what they were supposed to do, he would not hesitate to kill them and/or himself.”

Police also stated that Chavez had planned to “place bombs” near the entrance of the auditorium and detonate them when police arrived.

Information provided by the school to police indicated that Chavez had searched information online regarding a .22 caliber Marlin  99M rifle and information on how to build a pipe bomb.  A statement given by a teacher indicated that Chavez had stated that he had recently purchased a .45 caliber Colt handgun, which is legal in the state of Oklahoma.

Reports do not indicate if any firearms, bomb making equipment, or any other hard evidence was recovered by police at the time of arrest, but Chavez remains held on a whopping $1 Million bond.  As would be expected, school officials are patting themselves on the back.

According to School Superintendent Gary Quinn:

“I am proud of our administrative personnel who took what started out as an unsubstantiated rumor and, through their diligent work and exhaustive investigation, were able to determine there could be a future threat.

We appreciate the excellent relationship we have with our local law enforcement and their swift response to the information we provided them. We will always put the safety of the students of the Bartlesville Public School District first and foremost.”

He also indicated that although there was alot of suspicion; the student body was “never in harm’s way.”

Did this kid say something stupid?  Yes.

Should this kid have been dragged out and had the living crap scared out of him by law enforcement?  Absolutely.

Should this kid’s parents also been dragged into it?  You bet your butt!

In my opinion is this story about a whole lot of hot air based on the statement of ONE person, being blown up into a whole lot of something based on a whole lot of nothing?  I hope you all realize that question was rhetorical… – tglp.