And Now The Lame-Stream Media Is Doing The Talking For You: “Public Agrees: The Next Step Is Gun Control”

Posted on December 17, 2012


The United States (The Gaslamp Post) – You have to wonder where the state-run media outlets obtain their data from.  87% of Americans are in favor of….  70% of Americans are against…  90% of the American public feels that…

I’m referring to a recent blog article that I stumbled across while reading another article in Reuters.  I know, I know, Reuters is garbage.

The title of the article is what caught my attention; “Public Agrees: The Next Step Is Gun Control.”  The next step in what?  What happened?


We agree that gun control is the next step?  Since when?  No one asked me or anyone in my household.  How about you guys out there America?

Of course they’re pointing to the tragedy of Friday where 28 people were killed by a supposed lone gunman.  The story however extremely tragic and horrendous, has been evolving and changing since Friday.

First the guy had 2 guns, then it was three.  Then his rifle was found in the car, but later he had it on him.  Then he had 4 guns…  He was autistic, then he was depressed…

Long of the short: the official story is bullshit.  The only ones who really know for sure, are dead.

Adam Lanza

Adam Lanza

When our children are being shot at and killed in their schools, or movie theaters, we have to take meaningful action.  These tragedies  are too frequent, and are, as the president said, heartbreaking.

We need to talk about gun laws.  We need an open and honest debate about the tragedies happening in our communities, one after another. There are common-sense laws that can help prevent these tragedies, and Americans support them.

When our children are being shot at and killed in their schools…  So now we’re back to the “what about the children” arguments.  Funny, but liberals and progressives have no problem slaughtering babies through abortion, why is it now that they want to protect children?

Did they have a change of heart all of a sudden?

They go on; We need to talk about gun laws.  We need an open and honest debate about the tragedies happening in our communities.  There are COMMON-SENSE laws that can help prevent these tragedies.

Here’s a tragedy that is 100% preventable, America; it’s called learning how to spell.  Taken from a screen shot of the website:

What the hell is an "Annumition Clip"?

What the hell is an “Annumition Clip”?

The real tragedy here is that people this stupid work for Reuters.

We need to talk about gun laws.  Alright, let’s talk about gun laws.  At present, no one under the age of 18 is permitted to purchase a firearm period.  In most states, but not all, one must be at least 21 years of age in order to purchase a handgun.

In all 50 states one must pass a BATFE/FBI criminal background check before they can purchase a long gun from a dealer or FFL.  They call the NICS or National Instant Criminal Background Check Service, which is operated by the FBI, and they wait as the FBI agents run your record.

The FFL is told to either deny you, delay you while they look into your records further, or to proceed with the sale.

In some states, but not all, a NICS check is required for a handgun purchase, and that person is subject to a several day long waiting period.  Some states only go through their state police agency (which will catch bad guys alot faster than the feds).

What other laws are needed?  Murder with a firearm is illegal?  I thought that was already on the books.  You can’t shoot from a moving vehicle i.e. performing a drive-by.

What else could slip through the cracks that we do not already have a law prohibiting?

We need to have an open and honest debate, they said.  Alright, let’s do that.  Let us have an open and honest debate about kids being shot and killed in the classroom and movie theaters.

Instead of pointing my finger at the guns, I want to take a look at those classrooms and movie theaters.  We have sat back and watched as the liberals, socialists, and communists invaded our classrooms and campuses since the mid 1950’s.

With that we have seen the family unit eroded and parental rights torn apart in the name of liberation.  Nutty, immature brats slapped institution after institution with frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit, and now we have to watch what is said or even how we think, thanks to political correctness.

They sued to pull the 10 Commandments out of school because someone interpreted the 1st amendment as being a separation of church and state.  That is nowhere to be found in our nation’s constitution, but can be found in article 53 of the constitution of the former USSR.

Now Sara has 2 mommies, some weirdo who dresses like a woman and thinks he is a woman isn’t mentally ill (they’re now called “transgendered”), kids shouldn’t be disciplined but drugged if they act up, and if the kid doesn’t try he still gets a trophy.

They took God out of the classroom and they’re surprised that kids grow up to do things like this?  They took God away, took Christ out of Christmas, and made commercialism the new worship, and they honestly have no idea why people go off in the weird directions that they do?

Does the 6th commandment not read, “Thou Shalt Not Kill?”

So now the movie theaters…  Let’s take a look at the movie theaters today.  One of the downsides of every kid getting a trophy regardless of performance is that they never learn that they suck.  Unfortunately for the touchy-feely liberal pussies out there, learning that you suck at something is the only way you know that you need to improve.

In my opinion, that is precisely the problem with our president; he was surrounded his entire adult life by people who wanted to make him feel good and never told him he sucked.  We’ve now all seen the tragic result of that mistake, no?

obama picking nose

What is there today available in cinema?  Everything coming out of Hollywood is either a remake, or a remake of a remake, or has to be overblown with toilet humor, sex, or violence.  They remade FOOTLOOSE and RED DAWN for crying out loud!

With that sort of stimuli, on top of the violent video game and internet smut that is out there; what do you think the message is that our kids are receiving?  Japan has much more violence in their media, but they are more disciplined, conservative, and moral as a society.

Does anyone honestly think that taking God out of the classroom is a good idea?

 “If you remain hostile toward me and refuse to listen to me, I will multiply your afflictions seven times over, as your sins deserve.

I will send wild animals against you, and they will rob you of your children, destroy your cattle and make you so few in number that your roads will be deserted.”

Leviticus 26, 21-22

If that’s not a warning about turning our back as a society on God, I don’t know what is.  What just happened Friday?  Our children were robbed from us by a wild animal.  HELLO!

The “Fix Gun Checks Act,” if passed, would make it tougher for the mentally ill to legally buy guns by strengthening background checks so people like James Holmes (the Aurora shooter) can’t acquire guns.  Ninety percent of Americans want to fix gaps in government databases that allow the mentally ill or drug users from buying guns. Even gun owners support the laws.

You like that?  They already had nifty named little law ready to go!  Never let a good crisis go to waste, right Rahm?  Make it tougher for people like James Holmes to be unable to acquire a gun.  James Holmes who was a broke college student, buried in college debt; just so happened to put together an awfully expensive arsenal in a very short amount of time.

james holmes court

James Holmes

Oh and just so that we don’t forget, that official story has also been debunked.  Interesting that it was 1 of 2 shootings that happened just as the U.S. Senate was deciding to or not to vote on the UN Gun Treaty.  What is also undeniable are the witness statements which refute the “official” story about the lone shooter.

The same narrative occurred in the aftermath of the Oak Creek shooting in Wisconsin.  The lone gunman narrative fell apart after survivors spoke of not one shooter, but a four-man-strike-team!


Mentally ill or drug users?  Who would those people be?  Would that encompass returning vets who could be accused by a soon-to-be ex-wife of having PTSD?  Does the term “drug user” also include the idiots who voted for marijuana legalization?  Good job Seattle!

I wonder if that has anything to do with the latest release of the DSM IV, which is now the DMS V (the book that shrinks use to look up the definitions of mental disorders) that states that every possible human emotion could potentially be a disorder!


Eighty-two  percent of gun owners (National Rifle Association and non-NRA members) believe that a criminal background check should be required for anyone purchasing a gun, according to data released by  Republican pollster Frank Luntz  for Mayors Against Illegal Guns earlier this year, 76 percent of gun owners support prohibiting people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns, 80 percent support mandatory gun safety training for anyone applying for a concealed permit, and 78 percent of gun owners believe that concealed permits should only be granted to applicants who have not committed violent misdemeanors.

Eighty-two percent of what?!?!?!?!  You know, it’s funny; when they start spouting these numbers, I don’t recall anyone ever asking me.  I asked my girlfriend and she said the same thing.  I asked my brothers and my parents, and apparently no one asked them either.  Where are they getting these numbers again?

You tell ’em Marine!

Mayors Against Illegal Guns…  Gee, I wonder if any of them are the same mayors who cannot legally obtain a firearm because they themselves are criminals?  Here, check this list out!

Support prohibiting people on terrorist watch lists…  Is that anything like the “no-fly” list?  How many false-flags has that disaster turned up?  How many children were flagged by the idiots at the TSA because the nimrod at the counter saw that the 5-year-old had the same name as someone who was flagged and then detained said child?


The way that the policy was written, potentially any American could find themselves on that list!  Mandatory training…  This is something that was secured in our Bill Of Rights!  Mandatory WHAT?!?!?!!?  It’s called teaching your kid to shoot or being responsible and seeking a course out for yourself, not enacting yet ANOTHER bureaucracy, another layer of government!

And here’s the thing, this isn’t a majority rules item; this is in our constitution.  I don’t care about what majority wants what, we have a constitution for a reason.

The NRA, which fights against all this, is out of touch — even with its own membership. Its power to dictate this debate has to be challenged.

Out of touch?  What, based on your bogus and misinformed story?  I think you need to swing that pendulum of judgement back the other way and look in that mirror.

Support for sounder, safer gun laws is not restricted to blue states or big urban cities.  In a study conducted by Lake Research Partners earlier this year in swing state-senate districts in Virginia, we found that two-thirds of voters (65 percent) in a rural western Virginia  district believe the gun laws should be made stronger — including 52 percent who strongly believe so. Just 24 percent say they should be less restrictive.

Ninety-two percent of voters in a state senate district centered in Roanoke, Virginia, strongly endorsed requiring background checks for people purchasing guns and permits for people who want to carry a concealed loaded weapon…

Obama showed great courage earlier this year when he stood up for the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry. His courage and leadership is needed here too.  These tragedies will happen again and again until our leaders stand up and pass meaningful gun-safety laws that the American public supports.

And queue the fear porn… How much more strict should gun laws be?  There are evil people out there, there are crazy people out there.  The government cannot insulate you from every possible bump and scrape.  The police themselves cannot be counted on to be there when you need them, and cannot be held liable when they don’t.

Let’s also not forget that just a few short weeks ago, police stormed into a home at alittle after 5:00 am and opened fire on a teenage girl in her pajamas.  They didn’t say what they were looking for, no one was arrested, they missed the girl that they were shooting at, and the family still has no answers.

What about what happened in Manhattan (where handguns are restricted) back in August, where police took down a gunman at close range, but only AFTER shooting 9 other innocent bystandersThat’s some fancy shootin’ there, Tex!


Life is full of risks, you have to accept that.  Whoever told you that life was supposed to be full of safety and nice things, and that bad things were a thing of the past had lied to you.  Unfortunately the world is not a perfect place; there are evil people out there, there are sickos…  many occupy seats in congress.

But again the authors of that article are either misinformed or are propagandists.  Strongly endorse requiring background checks for purchasing or carrying concealed loaded weapon?  Those laws are ALREADY IN PLACE!  A felon or anyone having any sort of domestic violence conviction is going to run afoul of the NICS background check, are they not?


Tragedies will happen again and again unless our leaders stand up….  Oh brother.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; our leaders work for US!  Don’t give me this unless our leaders stand up crap!

Our leaders are going to do as they’re damn well told, that is their job.  If Americans wanted any sort of gun control, then why are gun sales through the roof right now?  That doesn’t sound like Americans want any sort of governmental interference to me.

Here’s another thing, how are MORE laws going to prevent crime?  Laws only influence the law abiding citizen, not the criminal.


Here’s something to think about America, our government under President Barack Obama has participated in supplying guns to Mexican drug cartels, CRIMINALS!  Yet he is saying that you the American need more laws stacked on top of you because YOU cannot be trusted.

The attack in Benghazi has been uncovered as having been ANOTHER botched gun-running operation, this time to Al-Qaeda.  Al-Qaeda; the people who we spent billions in blood and treasure fighting against in the middle east, OUR ENEMY is perfectly fine to sell guns to, but you the American should be disarmed!

Well they’re not saying disarmed, just better regulated.  You know, this way your enemies won’t get hurt.  They’re not saying disarmed, yet…